150+ Easy to Write College Essay Topics for Students

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In today's world, there are a lot of ways to find a topic of your choice.

However, it can be difficult to develop topics that have merit and make for good essays. This blog is designed to provide you with 150+ ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

If you need field-specific ideas, feel free to scroll down the page and explore some options!

Good college essay topics can be difficult to choose because you may have strong opinions about plenty of things.

This blog has some ideas for college essays and tips on choosing topics and writing impressive college essays.

Good College Essay Topics

As a student, you may be tasked with writing an essay as an assignment or a college application process. Following are some interesting and thought-provoking topics for you to choose from.

  • Explain the Average American Diet Healthy.
  • Should a School Student Decide What He Studies?
  • Is the Social Pressure for Girls and Boys the Same or Different?
  • Effectiveness of Schools in Preventing Bullying.
  • How Far Is There Reality in Reality TV Shows?
  • Student’s Greatest Challenge Nowadays.
  • Why Learning a Second Language at School is Necessary?
  • An Issue that Should Alarm the Lawmakers.
  • Are Photoshopped Magazine Covers Healthy?
  • Are Public Figures Public Property?

Most Common College Admission Essay topics

Below is a list of common topics to choose from. They will help you in writing your college application essays, and other supplemental essays that will surely impress the admission counselors.

  • Should People be Judged Based on their Social Status?
  • Compare Fried Food with Baked Food.
  • Explain the Health Effects of Energy Drinks.
  • Keeping Exotic Animals as Pets Should be Legal?
  • How to keep track of Time While Writing?
  • Music Streaming Sites or Youtube- What will be your Prefered Choice and Why?
  • How Do Violent Lyrics Affect Societal Mentality?
  • Benefits of Extracurricular Activities in School.
  • Compare and Contrast Apple or Android
  • Will Technology and Education Merge in the Future?

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Argumentative College Essay Topics

Here are some of the best argumentative essay topics for college students.

  • What are the Pros and Cons of Online Learning?
  • Do Your Teachers Use Technology Well in their Classrooms?
  • Should Students Stay in School Longer or Should they Graduate Early?
  • Are there Enough Opportunities for College Students to be Creative?
  • Are College Proms Worth the Hassle?
  • How Effective are the Rules for Coaches’ Treatment of their Players?
  • Should Health Insurance Cover Cosmetic Surgery?
  • Can a Healthy Lifestyle Prevent Medication?
  • Does Illegal Immigration Cost the State?
  • Is Tv Racist?

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Persuasive College Essay Topics for 2022

Here is a list of the best 2021 topics for easier and quicker writing.

  • Abortion Should be Legal or Illegal?
  • Should Single-gender Education Prevail?
  • Is a University Degree Absolutely Necessary?
  • Online or On-campus Education?
  • Is Brexit Legit?
  • Is Biden a More Peaceful President?
  • Is Globalization Being Challenged?
  • Has Covid-19 Only Harmed?
  • Is Exploration of Mars Worth it?
  • Robots Vs. Humans - Who is the Better Employee?

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Best College Essay Topics for Multiple Fields

Here are some field-specific college essay topics. Choose the best essay prompt according to your field.


  • Differences Between Mental Health Issues and Mental Diseases.
  • Should Parents be Allowed to Modify Their Children Before Birth?
  • Harms and Benefits of GMOs.
  • Significance of Vaccines to Attend School.
  • How Is Global Leadership Combating Climate Change?
  • Discuss the Concept of Nature or Nurture.
  • Benefits of Prenatal Testing
  • Should Laws Regulate Standardized Tests which are Invasive?
  • Will Human Cloning Become Permissible in the Future?
  • Compare Allopathy with Homeopathy?


  • Is Technology Making People Intelligent or Stupid?
  • Developed Countries Should Take the Responsibility of Providing Technological Access to the Other States - Comment.
  • Describe Some New War Technologies.
  • Teaching Typing to Children is Better than Teaching Writing?
  • Should Coding be a Major Subject in all Fields?
  • Robots and Machines a Viable Replacement for Human Doctors - Comment.
  • Ways in which Social Media Facilitated or Harmed Interpersonal Communication.
  • How Are Social Media Profiles Affecting Mental Health?
  • How Should Hate Speech be Punished?
  • Tablets or PCs?


  • Why has Baseball Lost its Charm?
  • How Should the College Players be Paid?
  • Ways in which Weekly Sports Ensure Physical Activity.
  • Should Cheerleading be Considered a Sport?
  • Should Steroidal Athletes be Banned?
  • How can Home-schooled Children also Participate in Public Sports?
  • Similarities Between Violent Video Games and Boxing or Fighting?
  • Effects of Violent Sports on Child Mentality?
  • Is it Unnatural for Women to Powerlift?
  • Should Sports Events Ban Smoking and Drinking in Stands?


  • How are Atheists Becoming more Common in the 21st Century?
  • Harms of Teen Marriages.
  • Effects of Teaching Religion in Schools?
  • Is the Concept of God a Myth or Reality?
  • Why Do People Change Religion?
  • Significance of Religious Affiliation in the Current World.
  • Can Faith and Prayers be Compared with Medical Treatment?
  • Role of Priests in Modern Society.
  • Have you Ever Challenged a Belief?
  • Effects of the Participation of Religious Leaders in Politics.


  • Ethical Concerns in Surrogacy.
  • Health Implications of Cosmetic Surgery.
  • Should the Government Ban Unhealthy Cosmetic Products?
  • Benefits of Exercise for Mental Health?
  • Pros and Cons of Birth Control Pills.
  • Should Fast-food Chains be Regulated to Maintain Health Standards?
  • Significance of Establishing Mental Health Clinics in Schools
  • How are Smart Devices Helping or Harming Health?
  • Should Doctors be Paid High?
  • Who is the Real-life Savior- Doctors or Nurses?

Government & Politics

  • Describe Democracy as a Successful Form of Government.
  • Explain the Correlation of Morality and Power.
  • How Is Terrorism Being Used as a Political Instrument?
  • Ways to Practice Green Politics?
  • Describe the Change in International Relations in the Last Decade.
  • Is Gender Disparity in Politics only a 3rd World Issue?
  • How Strikes and Protests Bother Governments?
  • How can the Governments Regulate Internet Privacy?
  • War or Diplomacy - The More Effective Way?
  • Measures to Eradicate Corruption.


  • Ethical Considerations of Human Genetic Engineering.
  • Changes of Moral Standards Across Cultures and Societies.
  • Is Being Honest a Moral Obligation?
  • Eradicating Hunger Should be the Moral Responsibility of the Developed States - Comment.
  • Combating Climate is an Ethical Responsibility?
  • Are Zoos and Circuses Ethical?
  • Should a Violation of Ethics and Morals be Punished?
  • Is Patriotism an Ethical Virtue?
  • Should the Governments Censor Media Based on Moral Principles?
  • Is Euthanasia Ethical?


  • Do Patent Claims Affect Market Competition?
  • How do Consumption and Production Drive the Economy?
  • Significance of Small Businesses for a State’s Economy.
  • How can the Developing States Improve Female Employment?
  • Hourly Wages Vs. Performance-based Pay - What is Better?
  • How has E-commerce Revolutionized the Business World?
  • The Impact of the EU's Economic Crisis on the United States?
  • Do Big Products Kill Business Startups?
  • Will Transaction Taxes Affect Economic Growth?
  • How Great of a Burden are Student Loans?
  • Is the Government Investing Enough in the Education System?

Arts & Culture

  • Is Graffiti Art or Vandalism?
  • Should Laws Regulate Publications?
  • How to Ban Violent or Obscene Books?
  • Suggest Measures to Youtube to Regulate Content?
  • Should Art Education be Made Compulsory?
  • Describe Blogging and Vlogging as a Career Option.
  • Effects of Youtubers on the Film Industry.
  • Explain the Interlink of Philosophy and Art Always.
  • Should Photography be Considered Art?
  • How can Art Reflect the Cultural Mindset?

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Unique College Essay Topics

Here are some unique and engaging topics that would help you stand out from your peers.

  • Should Violent Art be Displayed in Museums?
  • Is Freedom of Speech Synonymous with Hate Speech Now?
  • Should it be Morally Obligatory for Parents to Stay with their Children?
  • How Effective is a Personal Statement?
  • Is the Fashion Industry Promoting Mental Health Issues in Girls?
  • Can Single-parenting be Successful?
  • Does Hunting Negatively Impact the Environment Only?
  • Should it be Mandatory to Install Solar Panels?
  • Is Nuclear Technology Being Used Purposefully?
  • Are Popular Fast-food Chains Risking the Health of People?

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Creative College Essay Topics

Creative topics can be difficult to write, but they offer the chance to explore different perspectives and impress the admission officers.

Read some creative topics below that you may want to consider writing about in your next essay.

  • Are Death Penalties Effective in Combating Crime?
  • Should Weapons be Allowed to Commoners for Safety?
  • Are Computer Games and Mass Murders Connected?
  • Should Tobacco Products be Made Illegal?
  • Is Animal Testing Ethical?
  • How Far Has the World Ensured LGBTQ Rights?
  • Does Media Instill Fear in Certain Sectors of Society?
  • Should all Steroids be Banned?
  • Is Dieting Healthy?
  • Are Athletes Paid Less or More?

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How to Choose a College Essay Topic?

Here are the ways to choose an apt topic for your ease.

  • Write in what you Believe

    Pick a topic that you have an opinion on. Then, take the stance according to your personal beliefs.

    Do not write according to popular opinion. Rather present your own arguments and reasons.

  • Pursue your Interest

    A college essay is about expressing your views. So, you should pick a topic that you find interesting. Otherwise, you will not be able to write it effectively.

  • Make Rough Outline

    An easy way to figure out a topic is to pick two or three interesting topics and brainstorm. Make rough outlines of these topics on a paper and analyze which one would make a good essay.

  • Look for Evidence

    A final step in selecting the topic is to research it properly. Try to find some evidence for your opinions. If you cannot find evidence or examples for your selected topic, change it and pick a new one

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Qualities of a Good College Essay

Teachers find the following qualities impressive in an essay.

  • 1. A Comprehensive Thesis Statement

    A good college essay should have a strong thesis statement. It should communicate the opinion that you have discussed in the essay and the reasons behind having it.

    The thesis statement of an essay is as significant as the essay itself. This is because it briefly states your analysis or the basic description.

  • 2. Adequate Evidence

    A good essay has adequate, relevant, and strong evidence to support your opinions. Your essay will only seem logical if examples or facts can back it up.

    Moreover, the evidence should link to your thesis statement and prove it valid. Thus, an essay should have relevant, authentic, and appropriate evidence.

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Steps to Write a High-Scoring College Essay

Every college essay has three main parts, the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. However, its requirements in terms of content and structure do vary.

You can write a high-scoring essay in the following three steps.

Writing the Introduction

The introduction of a college essay has the following three components:

  • Hook: A hook is a way to get people interested in what you are writing. One way to do this is to add a question or use words that make people want to read more.
  • Topic Brief: Don't assume that your audience already knows about your topic. They may not know the history or some other important information. Give them some background information to help them understand it better.
  • Thesis Statement: A thesis statement is an important part of your essay. Here you should state what your main point will be in the essay.

You do not need to explain all the evidence in the thesis statement. But, you should make it clear what you're going to discuss.

Writing the Body Paragraphs

Brainstorm and think about the points that you want to include in the essay. Your opinion and their descriptions are stated in the essay’s body. Ensure that the order is according to a logical progression of your details.

Writing the Conclusion

The conclusion is where you restate your main point. You don't need to bring up the evidence again. The conclusion makes readers remember all the points you made in the essay. It should also leave a lasting impression on them.

You’ve made it this far, so take advantage of the lists today. It may seem like a daunting task at first, but it’s important to start with a great topic - and we have listed some really intriguing ones!

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