The Honor Code's Honor Code is a symbol of our commitment to academic integrity and high standards. It communicates the expectations that students or businesses have in mind when working with us. It also displays how we will preserve these ideals for them by never allowing anything less than perfection from any employee who works here!


The Honor Code of platform does not support or tolerate any form of academic dishonesty nor help students cheat. Our essay writing service is committed to academic integrity and honest grades.

The Writing Experts at Do Not Take Tests & Quizzes for a Student

Cheating, plagiarism, and any other actions that violate your academic institute’s policies are not allowed on our platform. If a writing expert at is found facilitating cheating in any way, we will remove them from our ‘write my paper’ team immediately.


We Never Support


Violating the academic code of conduct by asking or providing unapproved external help with any academic assignment.


Plagiarism is when someone takes someone else's work and passes it off as their own without giving them credit.


Falsifying to be another student or taking on their identity for any reason.



Integrity is a core value of our company. We don't support or facilitate any type of corporate dishonesty, and we will never assist users with committing fraud or taking part in illegal activity.

If proof of a writing expert's involvement in illegal activity is found, they will be immediately removed from our platform.

A Note to Students understands how difficult it can be to balance studying in college with a full course load, especially when you're under such time constraints. However, risking your institution’s policy and your own academic integrity just isn’t the way to go about it.

  •’s platform, services, or writing experts can not be employed by students for any illicit activities, specifically to violate institutional policies.
  • Any academic material that is provided by the writing experts at to the students, shall not be passed on as their own to others.

A Note to Business is a professional paper writing service that offers help in the form of written academic work done by an expert in your field. However, it's discouraged to break company policies on the platform because this will result in termination from their services and/or legal action against you.

  • Any kind of illegal activity should not be performed by the business representatives using the platform.
  • Business representatives shall not in any capacity employ the writing experts at the platform to perform or contribute to any kind of fraudulent activity.

A Note to Teachers & Schools

We acknowledge your efforts to keep teaching and learning honest, transparent, and useful. We support you in your quest to maintain academic integrity within your study groups, classrooms, and institutions.

As scholars and people associated with academic institutions, we encourage you to report any dishonesty, cheating, or violation of academic integrity observed or witnessed by you.

A Note to the Writing Experts is a paper writing service that helps you get opportunities and presents yourself as a professional essay writer to students, businesses, and academic institutes. As a writing expert working on the platform, you must strictly follow these guidelines:

  • Writing experts are expected to not indulge in any activity that violates academic integrity, institutional policies, or corporate code of conduct.
  • Writing experts should not assist in any way, any business representative or students, to perform illicit activities, such as cheating, fraud, or violation of institutional policies.

List of Restricted Task Requests at

The following list includes some things that you are not allowed to do on our platform. This is not a complete list, so please be sure to check the Terms of Service for more information. Clients

Users who will infringe our restrictions under the Honor Code may find themselves banned from using all services offered on this site. These restricted tasks include the following.

  • Creation of false financial reports.
  • Creation of CVs or Resume with false job experience.
  • Creation of any kind of official documents.
  • Impersonation of someone’s identity for any activity or purpose.
  • Creation of academic work or education materials to be presented as student’s own work.
  • Ghostwriting of research work including dissertations, theses, and term papers.
  • Fabrication or falsification of data, information, citations, or any other academic material that violated academic and corporate policies.

Did You Observe Any Activity That Violates the Honor Code?

Please submit a complaint right away!

Report Violation of the Honor Code

At, we believe that the writing expert should provide high-quality service. We also believe that the help they provide should be ethical. If you believe that someone agreed to provide unethical help, please report it for violation.