Personal Statement Format for Students & Job Applicants

Personal Statement Format

You can show your extra abilities and skills with the help of a personal statement. It is required by institution and job employers and tells about qualities that aren’t part of the normal application form. In this, you can talk about community service projects or your leadership skills.

The applicant's college or job application is the perfect opportunity to show off all of your best qualities. The admission committee will be able to see what makes you different from other candidates and better qualified for the scholarship!

The personal statement is your chance to stand out from the rest. So make sure you engagingly provide all relevant information! It also needs proper formatting - plan what topics are going to be covered and how best to describe yourself.

Read the following guide and know the correct format to write an engaging personal statement.

What is a Personal Statement Format?

The college admissions process is difficult and students often spend hours upon perfecting their personal statements. Personal statement is a great way to make sure you get into your desired school of choice. It's important that the statement speaks about who you are as an individual without any mistakes!

In this type of essay, the candidate shares their reasons for attending college. The main point is to show that the applicant is perfect. They meet all requirements needed in order to gain admission into a certain program or degree at the university.

When you apply for a job, it is important to be honest about your experience. In addition, mention what drives you to pursue a specific career.

You should write this statement concisely so that reading through them, one can get a good understanding. It should portray how you are the best fit for their company/institution.

It's important to make this document interesting, creative and engaging. The more captivating it is, the better your chances of getting admission in the school.

However, you’ll have to follow the correct format to write the best-engaging personal statement for the college. Follow these recommendations when formatting a personal statement for a college or for a job:

  • Only Use Arial, Cambria or Times New Roman font to write personal statements.
  • Keep the font 12 pts, as i8t is the standard font size for official documents.
  • Keep your statement between 400 to 500 words long. Statements longer than 500 words will obviously contain irrelevant information & may disappoint the employer/committee.
  • Write at least 5 basic paragraphs in the essay.
  • Write page number on each page of the essay.
  • Write your name and contact info on the top of the cover letter of the essay.
  • Keep 1” margins on all sides of the page.

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How to Format a Personal Statement?

Your personal statement is not just a chance to summarize what you know, it's also an opportunity for creativity and expression. This section of your college application should reflect who you are as much as anything else.

It is important to stay on track with the most significant points. They will tell who you are as a person outside of academic achievements or extracurricular activities.

Whether you are applying for law school, medical school or business school - make sure your personal statement format is correct! Otherwise, the application won't be accepted.

Even though the personal statement is a small part of your college application, it's an integral one. You need to know how to present yourself best and strengthen with good content that will appeal to the admission boards.

Your personal statement must contain the following sections:

  • 1. Introduction
  • Start your introduction with an interesting and creative opening so the reader will continue reading. Therefore, to get your audience's attention to, begin with a creative opening line.

    Write a personal statement for college with the following elements in the introduction section of the essay:

    • Reason for applying to the institution?
    • Reason for the pursuit of a specific degree/ program?
    • Discuss what parts of the course align with your passions.

    In the same way, you can write personal statement when applying for a job:

    • Reason for applying to the particular job post?
    • Elaborate on how you’re the best fit for the job position?
    • Narrate your skills.

    Include these important points in the introduction of your essay and impress the admission board.

  • 2. Body Paragraphs
  • The attention-grabbing body paragraphs in your statement should elaborate on experiences. Tell about your skills and previous academic degrees to make it a powerful application essay.

    Write the below-given points in the body section of the statement:

    • Write about your previous experience.
    • Elaborate on your academic achievements.
    • Show your eagerness to study in their college.
    • Describe how the degree will help you fulfill your dreams.
    • Also, write about your academic & career goals.

    Write a perfect body for your application essay.

  • 3. Conclusion
  • Write a persuasive and strong conclusion for the statement. The reader will take action after reading this section. The committee or the employer will accept or reject you on the basis of what you wrote in your statement.

    A good conclusion of a statement essay includes:

    • Summary of the main points of the essay.
    • A connection between the introduction and the conclusion paragraph.
    • It tells about the expectations from the academic program.

    Similarly, if you write a conclusion paragraph for a job personal statement in a single sentence.

    Check out this format template for a personal statement essay and write your essay in the same manner.

Personal Statement Format Template

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Personal Statement Format Examples

The following are examples of good & high-quality personal statements. They have been carefully selected to show you how statements are structured and what kind or purpose they serve:

Personal Statement Format for College

Introduce yourself in the college statement, elaborate on how you’re unique and will be a great addition to the college. A personal statement essay gives a chance to students to stand out from the rest. It allows students to prove that they’re the best fit for the degree.

Discuss your major subjects from high school in the college statement essay. Also, take help from this college statement essay example.

Personal Statement Format for College

Personal Statement Format for University

The personal statement is the most important part of your university application. It's where you show that not only are you qualified but also worthy enough for the university.

There will be specific deep questions asked that you’ll need to answer carefully. Therefore, include all the details in the statement.

Also, write about your inspiration. Get help from this format to write a statement for a university.

Personal Statement Format for University

Personal Statement Format for Scholarship

A scholarship is an excellent way to get education without paying huge amounts of fees to universities. Many governments and universities offer scholarships to students for all academic levels. Some require personal statements as a part of their scholarship application.

Here is a great format example of a personal statement for a scholarship. Take help from it to write a statement to get your scholarship.

Personal Statement Format for Scholarship

Personal Statement Format for Grad School

High school students should not worry about writing their personal statements. They can easily follow the proper format and produce a strong graduate school application. Try writing your own statement using this example format.

Personal Statement Format for Grad School

Personal Statement Format for Masters

What if you want to get into a university or college? The first step is writing down all of your qualifications and talents in a personal statement. Then go through them one by one until you feel like they're well-written. Write the essay in an engaging and interesting manner that will keep the reader interested!

Write about your skills and passions. In addition, discuss your favorite co-curricular activities. Stay honest and present yourself as a competent learner.

Personal Statement Format for Masters

Law School Personal Statement Format

Make sure to highlight the skills and traits you think will impress law school admissions officers. Show how much effort and time you can put into learning laws in the school. Get help with the following example format of a statement for a law school.

Law School Personal Statement Format

Nursing Personal Statement Format

A statement for a nursing school is a good way to portray your academic excellence. Also, you can tell the nursing school about your skills with the help of a statement. Take ideas from this example and start writing your own statement for a nursing school.

Nursing Personal Statement Format

MBA Personal Statement Format

Avail all the opportunities to take your academic career to the next level. Show off your talents and skills with a creative personal statement to the university. Check out this easy format to write a personal statement for an MBA.

MBA Personal Statement Format

Medical School Personal Statement Format

Personal statement for a medical school is a huge opportunity to show them why you want to become a doctor. Here is an example that will help you show your talents and creative mindset to the medical school admission board.

Medical School Personal Statement Format

Personal Statement Format for Job

When crafting your job application statement, make it clear that this is not just any random essay. A statement for a job is one designed specifically for self-expression. Write about your all special qualities. Elaborate on how you are a better employer than the other applicants.

Also, check out this great personal statement format example for a job application.

Personal Statement Format for Job

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Frequently Asked Question

What if my personal statement is too long?

They're not going to reject you outright for including a personal statement that is longer than they say. But be mindful of the program guidelines and don't go overboard! A short statement is easier to read and it will be to the point. Therefore avoid writing too long statements.


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