Great Personal Statement Examples to Help You Write Your Own

Personal Statement Examples

The personal statement is a challenging part of the academic process. If you are given examples that will help, then this can be much easier!

The personal statement is your chance to introduce yourself and make a strong case for why you should be accepted into the college.

This part of an application often gets overlooked, but it's one that can really help shape who fits well! Remember: admissions committees want people with diverse backgrounds so don't feel intimidated if this task seems daunting; keep writing until something sticks- remember every word matters for your admission.

Personal statements are not just for schools, colleges and universities. You may need one to apply for a job.

What's the point of writing your own personal statement if you can't make it unique? These examples will show how, and why.

Personal Statement Definition

Personal statement essays are the ones that we write in order to get admitted to your favorite school or college. Sometimes they are written to show that we deserve the scholarship.

Personal statements allow people to discuss their achievements and capabilities. It tells the reader - the admission committee - how you are the best fit/candidate for them. Personal statements are submitted along with the college application.

First, you should know about the structure to write this kind of essay so that you can write an excellent personal statement.

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Structure of a Personal Statement

You should never underestimate the power of your personal statement. It's important to show why you are a perfect candidate for this position. The following should be clearly portrayed by your statement essay:

  • Your reason for attending the college.
  • Your qualification.
  • Your short & long-term plans.

A very common theme in personal statements is how to tackle tough situations. Also, talk about what you have achieved so far in life.

Starting a Personal Statement

The opening paragraph is most important. The starting point should focus on what inspires you to apply for the degree/program. What are the most important moments of your life. In addition, you can talk about what things helped you get where you are now.

Furthermore, write about how the degree or the program will help[ you achieve the final goals of your life.

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Personal Statement Examples

The goal of your personal statement is to explain why you're the right person for this job with a unique perspective. To do that, start by talking about what inspires and motivates you each day.

The following personal statement examples will help you write a compelling introduction to your application. These are just the start of many, so use them as inspiration for your own unique story!

Example # 1

400 Word Personal Statement

As a little girl, I loved to sit on the floor of our family kitchen and read about people who lived all over the globe as well as living for a year in Argentina. This experience instilled respect for diversity into me along with that burning desire to be an advocate for those underserved by society!

My reason for studying is to achieve a degree in law and be able to provide myself with the tools needed when tackling challenges so that I can become an advocate of my desired strength. The scholarship from Carol E Macpherson would help tremendously as it pursues goals just like mine does! Please find below your personalized statement utilizing the sections requested.

The idea of living in a world without water is unimaginable. We need fresh, clean drinking water to survive and thrive as a species--but we're not the only ones that depend on these natural resources; so do many other creatures like birds or insects which cannot survive without adequate amounts every day!

I am currently studying how women across cultures protect their own unique types against degradation by taking action through advocacy work at local levels with varying degrees of success thus far- but what about you? What will your story be ?

I have done internships in Uganda and Ethiopia, and learned much about the United & Nations. I needed a break from studied that's why i started internship.

I was practically raised by a mentor and volunteer, so it only made sense that I returned the favor. My commitment to my community is shown not just through what organizations I am involved with but also on an individual level--I have dedicated plenty of time to mentoring programs like Big Brothers & Sisters as well as other volunteering opportunities throughout Philadelphia where you can find me!

Example # 2

Personal Statement Example for College

We all have risks in our lives. The first time you take a walk, it's an adventure! You are learning about yourself and your environment-you might fall many times but that is what makes life exciting right?

Some people try to eliminate any type of risk from their lives because they don't want failure again or maybe after experiencing some bad luck lately... However, eliminating those obstacles only leads them down darker paths where there were never problems before so why dwell on something negative.

We are lost without our sense of exploration, and willingness to take risks even when there is risk involved. That attitude has been a characteristic of all those who've made an impact on society and helped shape it into what it currently stands as.

A person needs more than just intelligence or skill; they also have personality traits such as adventure-seeking which makes them stand out among other people.

Growing up in Ukraine, I had to take major risks just so that today my life would be different than what it was back then. In Soviet-occupied Poland during the World War II-era -- two towns where my family originated were Yelnitsa and Verkhovyna; they're located deep inside the eastern part of Europe near nations like Russia or Romania.

Though they were risking their lives every day to preserve Judaism, the parents of these children found themselves face-to-face with yet another obstacle. This time it wasn’t based on religious differences or any other form of discrimination; instead, this was simply because there weren't enough Jews left in America - so how would anyone know if you're Jewish?

As kids grew up during World War II and after pavements were gasoline by bombs dropping all around them , the future builders discovered early one morning what life could mean without hope.

My parents left behind all they knew for a better life. They came to this country with little knowledge of English and no idea about how things worked here but were willing to take risks because it's what was needed in order to preserve their identity as Jewish family members.

The study of politics at Boston University has developed in me a real interest and love for the subject. Now, I aspire to run for local or state office later on down the road so that my underprivileged immigrant populations can have someone who understands their problems firsthand serving them as well deserved representatives; also helping re-shape outdated laws which currently exist within this great nation.

The admission of a new student into your program will add not only energy and ambition but also the risk-taking attitude that is so desperately needed in today’s world. If you take me on as one of yours I can assure it'll be an easy choice because there's no other place where this kind or personality would fit better than with us!

Example # 3

Personal Statement Example for University

When I enrolled at Southern Illinois University in the fall of 1994, two things immediately became clear to me: First off my life goals had been achieved when it came down to choosing what type of career path that would take.

And secondly, there was no way imaginable for someone like myself (a non-traditional student) to attend such a large public institution with limited resources available on campus outside class times or weekends; this is why extracurricular activities seemed so imperative during those early days - they gave you some sort time while living here away from your books! Nowadays though? Well, let's just say everything has changed…

My first two years at Southern University were as an athlete with the football program. A student-athlete requires a great deal of commitment, responsibility and determination to be successful in this environment; but also motivation from within for what can seem like endless hours spent on your own time (pre) prep work before practice starts or games are underway!

A love of science and sports led me to a successful career in medicine, but it was not until I missed practice for chemistry that my passion shifted.

During my second semester of junior year, I became the president of Sigma Phi Epsilon. In this position, it is important for me to have excellent communication skills and be able to work well with others - especially children!

When I was in the fraternity, it became clear to me that volunteering is something I really care about it. From organizing blood drives and babysitting for single moms, my experiences allowed me a window into what makes up who you are as an individual- from helping others out when they need your assistance or just listening without judgment so someone can share their story with you!

I am confident that with my motivation and love from family, combined and supported by all skills acquired thus far in life will make me an excellent physician. As society moves into a new century medicine continues to grow; there's no telling what opportunities await us!

Example # 4

Personal Statement Example for BBA

When a person makes the choice to continue their education, they are taking an important step in reaching whatever goal may be waiting for them.

The event that defines my future is where I decided on the university. The first time around it felt like such an easy decision- there were only two schools left after all! But as soon as we started looking into them more closely and became frustrated with how little information each school provided us during recruitment visits.

I am so excited to be applying for university, but I have been looking at all of the options and it's made me more confused than before.

The decision to choose a future career is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever have to make.

The reason why I studied Business at university is that it offers great potential to grow and learn new things.

It's clear that your university offers great education with excellent academic quality. In addition, students are trained to identify and evaluate the role of key factors in business processes as well as structures.

The international nature of higher education means that there are many opportunities for students from all over the world. I am looking forward to meeting new friends and experiencing life as an exchange student at your university!

The knowledge that I will receive is very valuable to me and for my future career in this globalized world. It's an opportunity of a lifetime, so don't miss out on it!

Example # 5

Graduate School Personal Statement Example

My life's goals are often linked to books. Although I can't say that the plan is completely set in stone at an early age, one thing for sure would involve reading!

Entering college as a Theater and English double major, I soon became consumed with my studies. It's important to note that even though My diploma lists a Bachelor's degree in English from ABC College- it also has an additional graduate certificate added to it which indicates this person was very successful.

When I read Jane Eyre for the first time, it was love at first sight. The story is so compelling that when my professor asked me to analyze other books in addition to classics like Gatsby or Crime And Punishment.

After graduating from college, I found myself working a plethora of odd jobs. The following year was when post-graduation led to my final stroke - being employed as both bartender and cast member at Walt Disney world before finally settling into an assistantship with one financial firm that Brothers needed help on Wall Street!

My personal experiences in the theater, at an advertising firm, and as a freelancer have given me valuable skills to use on my resume. These jobs involved working with text which fascinated me because it is so often written about but never read – that’s why I knew this would be important for later when trying out different careers!

The English department at University will be able to provide me with the perfect balance of theory and practice, which is what I need for both my current needs as well as professional aspirations in this field.

Example # 6

Personal Statement Example for Scholarship

The two passions of my life, jazz and flying, drew me to York College. While some people looked for a campus close by others chose the freedom of being far away from home. Some sought specific programs like pharmacy or law enforcement as their major while still others followed friends who went there too.

I wanted something more than what they had-I knew that at this school you could fly planes alongside your fellow musicians in bands while also playing football on fall weekends because it's where I found myself most comfortable -not sure if any university will ever match up with all those options available here!

While many people dream of being professional musicians, I have been playing the trumpet since I was seven years old. My uncle had an old horn that he let me fool around with when I first learned how and it's still in good condition to this day!

York has some amazing programs for jazz students; both academically strong as well as allowing you to get your music out on stage or just enjoy what they are learning about together through class participation.It'll be great to see if any other instruments might catch my eye next semester too but right now all I want is more guidance than anywhere else.

York College is where I want to be. Not only does it offer me the chance of a lifetime: flying and working in aviation, but also music with my trumpet, but most importantly learning about business management at York's Aviation program will help prepare me for whatever comes next after graduation - whether that means being a manager or piloting an airplane!

York University is a place where I can be myself and achieve my goals. The university has given me so many opportunities, including the chance to take classes for credit while still being able to live at home with family during school breaks!

When I am hired as an intern at Kennedy Airport or with one of the airlines, such as Jet Blue, for example, managers will see how hard workaholic and focused on education my skills are they'll not only want me to continue working there but also give more opportunities that allow full-time employment.

Example # 7

Personal Statement Example for CV

Example # 1: The University of Townville has provided me with a solid foundation in marketing that I can build on to pursue my career goals. The feedback from employers during internships was invaluable and allowed for tailored training, resulting not just physical improvements but also an increase in self-confidence within myself as well!

A recent graduate who attended university here says: "My time at UTown made it possible for hands-on experience working across various sectors." I want to be the vice president of our company's digital marketing team, and I know that will require a lot more than just hard work. It is going to require someone with leadership skills as well as an understanding of how technology can shape modern-day advertising strategies - which means you'll need me!

Example # 2: "I am a highly motivated and enthusiastic graduate looking to build on my knowledge of analysis by gaining more experience in the field. I can't wait to start working with you!" As a result of my experience in both scientific and hospital laboratories, I have been able to improve on all aspects including problem-solving skills, concentration, and team working.

My career goal is currently focused on assuming a role that allows me an opportunity for analysis with the interpretation of forensics data; eventually moving into crime scene investigation if the right opportunities arise.

Example # 8

Personal Statement Example for Computer Science

My name is _____ and I am pursuing an A.A degree in Computer Science with the goal of transferring to a four-year university by the fall of 2016, after which time it is my hope that will find myself working within systems security or auditing positions at either California State University(in the United States). When graduates aren't looking so good in job interviews their fascinations usually end up being computers; this was true even before we started discussing how cleverly designed those little boxes were!

I'm involved in a number of extracurricular activities. I am an active member and volunteer with Narcotics Anonymous, serving both locally here on campus as well at meetings across the area where we provide services for addicts who want help overcoming their addiction problems without resorting or using illegal substances like heroin which can lead down that dark path toward death.

If not treated properly by professionals trained specifically how to deal appropriately yet delicately with these situations so they don't end up back behind bars again only worse this time around since many more.

The last time I attended college was in high school, but it's been 33 years since then. Life got busy and substance abuse took over my life - until now!

I'm back at this institution for another semester because there are too many good memories here; like how we used to sit outside under these trees on benches during lunch breaks ( overlooks some fields)and talk about what our future plans were going be when grownups finally gave us some freedom...or maybe just catch up with old friends who may have changed completely since dumpsters started showing up every day anyway.

When I say that the 12-steps saved my life, I mean it in every way. Physically and mentally - even spiritually! Through Narcotics Anonymous's program of recovery, there were many things learned about myself; what matters most is finding happiness through selflessness rather than selfishness or materialism...This has been something lessons learned while working on this paper would be proud to share with others who may need help adapting their lives so they can live happier healthier productive lifestyles too.

I'm currently struggling to make ends meet and are barely able to cover my monthly living expenses. If I receive a scholarship, it will allow me the time necessary for studying without having to worry about juggling work or going back to school full-time while also attending classes on top of that! My goal is to upgrade laptops because an eight years old computer can't keep up with all the demands placed upon him any more.

Example # 9

Personal Statement Example for Medical School Admissions

When I first saw Cheryl, she looked like an entirely different person. The right side of her face was larger than the left and it took me some time to notice that this young woman had brown hair with lively eyes and also happened to be one of my former fourth-grade teacher's students! We talked and then ended up becoming friends after which each visit brought new surprises; such as how much we admired each other.

I was a sad and lonely twenty-something-year-old who had just discovered that Cheryl, my best friend for years, was going through some pretty dark times.

I didn't know what to say or do so we stopped talking altogether after one too many conversations in which she detailed her personal struggles with depression while also being discouraged about the future prospects on appearance-related matters because of facial deformities from birth I always thought it must have been hard having such negative thoughts constantly throughout your life but then again maybe not if you can find any trace reason within yourself.

I began working with crack babies, autistic children and other struggling kids when I was just a child myself. There were so many cases where my efforts to help them only resulted in frustration for all parties involved - from me being unable to stop the behaviors that hurt us as individuals or caused distress during our treatment sessions; but most importantly those who couldn't speak up about what they needed because of fear suffered greatly without any sort feedback on how things could be improved at home.

As my volunteer work at NPI continued to be disappointing, I found myself drawn toward the company that had given me a chance.It was during my junior year in college that I left the candy shop and began working at a new place, Anesthesiology Residency Program. This job made studying difficult but it helped me find what path to take for myself a career as an oral surgeon!

After struggling in the field of psychology, I found myself at dental school. There is nothing more satisfying than helping others who have been disfigured by their conditions and need a way out! The source of Cheryl's strength is not only in the knowledge that she has a treatable condition but also through maxillo-facial dentistry I will be able to give others this same sense and feeling.

Example # 10

Personal Statement Example for English Literature

I believe that English is the ideal degree to study at university because literature has always had a way of getting under my skin and revealing things about people or places in ways no other medium can match. The hunger I had for reading became more intense after learning about the canon.

The author of "Pride and Prejudice" has a unique way with words. One aspect I found particularly interesting was how marriage shaped the lives of women in Georgian society, as it often led them to live embroiling themselves into other people’s business or sacrificing their own happiness for someone else's needs - such is the case when we see Elizabeth Bennett laying down rules at home while trying not to make any emotional decisions herself because she knows what an impossible situation this would be if things did go wrong!

Recently I've started to appreciate the finesse of close reading. It was fascinating how Arundhati Roy uses creative language in her book "The God Of Small Things," such as capitalizing words and accentuating meaningful events through twins' eyes. Their enthusiasm for the English language inspired me and I began to see why so many people love learning it.

The difference between the romantic view of Jane Eyre and Anne Bronte's mundanity is clear in "Agnes Grey." It is absolutely vital to close read in order for one's comprehension of the Victorian England governess' life.

I found that "Jane Eyre" portrayal by Charlotte Bronte was very different from what she showed us through Agnes Grey and this made an excellent distinction between romantic views versus mundanity within these two novels.

I'm not sure if you've ever noticed, but when people say something isn't real estate-related there are usually some sexual undertones involved!

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When to Write Personal Statements

Many a time you’ll need to write a personal statement, for instance:

  • When getting admitted to a college
  • When getting admitted to a graduate school
  • When getting admitted to a business school
  • When getting admitted to a law school
  • When you try to teach ESL
  • When you apply for a job vacancy

The examples will help you quickly learn great guidelines on how to write your statement and get enrolled in the perfect college. However, if you need help from an expert paper writing service like then they are there for all of our clients' needs!

Contact us to get the best personal statement for your application essay. We offer professional assistance with interesting college essay prompts that will impress college admission officers and secure you a spot at university!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you say I in a personal statement?

It is suggested to use personal pronouns like ‘I’ because this is your statement and it narrates your story so it’s best to use ‘I’ in these kinds of essays.


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