Thesis Topics - 90+ Topics & Ideas for Your Next Thesis

Thesis Topics

Looking for a great research-worthy thesis topic? Here are more than 100 interesting thesis topics that are divided according to different subjects and disciplines.

Selecting a good thesis topic is important, but it is also no less than a nightmare for many students.

Though you are not expected to write anything novel, you must present a new aspect about an already known topic.

This makes selecting a topic even difficult.

To help you get started with your thesis, here are 90+ topics and ideas for your thesis.

Let’s begin.

Thesis Topics - 2021 Updated and Onwards

Looking for a great research-worthy thesis topic for your Bachelor, Master’s, or Ph.D. project? Here are some good topics that will help you get going.

Thesis Topics in Healthcare & Medicine

  • COVID-19 - A Recent Research on the Global Pandemic.
  • What is the difference between a low and high-carbohydrate diet?
  • What is the role of placebo treatment in battling different diseases?
  • Coronavirus is a manmade virus. Discuss with evidence.
  • Ethical issues in medical and pharmaceutical research.
  • How credible are the coronavirus vaccinations?
  • How did the pandemic affect the economic situation?
  • What are some treatment options for people suffering from memory loss?
  • What is the influence of IT in the biomedical field?
  • What are the negative effects of stress and depression on expecting mothers?

Thesis Topics in Education

  • Homeschooling vs. Traditional Schools: Discuss the Pros and Cons of Both.
  • Contemporary Views of Death: The Good and Bad Elements in Society’s Current Conceptualization of Death
  • The Effectiveness of Text-based Self-help Books for Anxiety Disorders: A Meta-analysis Study.
  • Discuss how text-based self-help books are more effective than traditional therapy
  • How does College Choice Affect an Individual’s Financial Future? Discuss.
  • A comparative analysis of the education system in the US and Norway.
  • What is academic honesty and its significance?
  • What are the pros and cons of the year-round school year?
  • What is the role of diversity in a better school system?
  • How do online notes websites help the students?

Thesis Topics in English Literature

  • Doctor Faustus and the portrayal of power.
  • Oedipus Rex and the personification of the Oedipal complex.
  • What did Austen try to convey through her novels?
  • What role does literature play in introducing a social era?
  • What is the difference between different kinds of novels?
  • How is middle age portrayed in literature?
  • Discuss the role of religion and politics in the twentieth century.
  • Examine The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer.
  • What are the changing roles of women in the 21st century?
  • What would be the possible image of J.K. Rowing in the eyes of modern readers?
  • Discuss the idea of prejudice and discrimination.
  • Discuss social cognition.
  • What is a personal perception, and how does it affect the personality of a person?
  • How do social control and cults affect a society?
  • What is a borderline personality disorder? Discuss the symptoms and treatment options.
  • Phobias and their possible reasons.
  • Schizophrenia and its symptoms and prognosis.
  • What is mass psychosis?
  • What is an antisocial personality disorder?
  • What is the concept of false memories?

Thesis Topics for Criminal Justice

  • Why is the legal system in South America corrupted?
  • Which countries have the best legal system?
  • Discuss the loopholes in family laws and ways to improve them.
  • How does civil war affect the citizens?
  • How effective is capital punishment in lessening the crime rate?
  • Insanity plea – what is it, how does it work, and why should I care?
  • What were the key pros and cons of Trump’s political era?
  • Discuss the possible results of the legalization of same-sex marriage?
  • What are the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana?
  • What are the effective ways the supreme court could implement to better the law and order situation in the state?

Thesis Topics Related to Nutrition And Dietetics

  • The effects of obesity on family functioning: A systematic review.
  • Examining the Role of Unemployment in Obesity among Low-Income Women and Men
  • Promoting Healthy Living Among Adults with a Chronic Condition Using Theory-Based Family Supportive Care Interventions.
  • Evaluation of an ETS intervention aimed at reducing dietary sugar intake among low-income women.
  • How to promote healthy eating and physical activity among families?
  • Discuss pilot nutrition and intervention plans.
  • Evaluate diabetes and its standardized tests in the Hispanic communities.
  • What is the role of home-cooked meals in promoting health among families?
  • What role does caffeine play in de-stressing a person?
  • Discuss some ways of making organic food available for everyone.

Thesis Topics in Mass Communication

  • Discuss the different modes of communication.
  • What is the role of the media in building society's perception?
  • Censorship in movies and serials.
  • Discuss the role of freedom of speech in the freedom of women.
  • What is holy war in the media and its pros and cons?
  • Discuss the media laws of different countries.
  • Terrorism in mass communication.
  • Changes in the role of media in the present society.
  • Ethics in journalism and social media.
  • Virtual reality and its possible benefits.

Thesis Topics in Textile Industry

  • Sustainability and sustainable produce.
  • What is offshoring in the textile industry?
  • What is green textile?
  • Discuss design and design management as part of the textile industry.
  • What is nanotechnology and its role in the textile world?
  • Discuss the comparison between local and imported cloth.
  • Discuss the Romanian textile industry in detail.
  • What is the career path for textile industry employees and students?
  • Fashion marketing in the clothing industry.
  • How competitive is the textile industry?

Thesis Topics in Computer Science

  • Human-computer interaction and its role in technology.
  • Discuss the latest trends in software engineering and programming.
  • Computer-aided learning in schools and colleges.
  • What are the dangers of computer viruses?
  • Discuss the merits and demerits of cloud-based storage.
  • Portable gadgets.
  • Rise of blockchain and virtual currency.
  • Modeling in robotic manipulation.
  • Security trends in the banking and security world.
  • Digital forensics and its role in law and order.

Thesis Topics for Architecture

  • What are the contemporary trends in global architecture?
  • Historical aspects presented in architectural trends and the world.
  • Making of low-cost houses.
  • Green architecture and its role in preserving the environment.
  • Modern art and its influence on new architectural designs.
  • Trends in schools and offices building designs.
  • Disaster management.
  • Rise of smart and flexible building designs.
  • Modern resort designing.
  • What is a waterfront property?

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How to Find a Topic for Your Thesis?

Finding a great research paper topic is difficult, let alone searching for a thesis or dissertation topic. Many students get stuck in finding a great topic that helps in their research and writing of the thesis.

Here are the steps involved in finding a great thesis topic.

  1. Make a list of the relevant topics that pique your interest.
  2. Do preliminary research and see which topics will help you present your point of view properly.
  3. Once you decide the topic for thesis writing, begin working on it.
  4. Make an outline of your thesis and make sure that you follow it properly.
  5. Write an abstract to inform the readers about the content of your thesis.
  6. Add a brief and to-the-point introduction that reveals necessary details only.
  7. Write the thesis statement after you are done with your thesis, and make sure that you keep it brief.
  8. Write the body section and add all the relevant details here. Do not just throw everything but maintain a consistent flow and use transition words and paragraphs.
  9. Add a strong conclusion and make sure that you leave a lasting impression on it.
  10. Proofread and edit before the final submission.

Writing a thesis is different from writing a research paper or an argumentative essay. It is a detailed and research-based assignment that could be given in high-school, college, and higher academic levels.

We have tried our best to help you find a great topic for your thesis.

We have added more than 90 topics for you to choose from. Besides the topics, if you need thesis writing help, then we are just a click away. is an expert writing service that works with expert writers only and delivers the work on time. Our ‘ write my paper’ help is available 24/7, and you do not have to think before placing the order.

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