Synthesis Essay - A Detailed Writing Guide

Synthesis Essay

A synthesis essay is the most common type of assignment in high school and college. It's an essay where you compose or combine several elements to form one whole project.

A synthesis essay is a writing assignment where you create your own argument. You need to prove it through research and statistics, which typically means starting with an opinion or idea that stands in contrast to the general consensus on something (i.e., counterargument).

This blog can help you in writing this type of essay well. Here, you get all the necessary information to craft your synthesis essay that will impress your teacher.

What is a Synthesis Essay?

As per the synthesis essay definition, it is an essay where a writer gathers information from several sources then synthesizes it to support the thesis statement. Thus, for a great essay, you need to collect ideas that support your topic and claim.

The main purpose of this essay is to:

  • Demonstrate your ability to prove an argument.
  • Show critical and analytical skills.
  • Make sense of the sources and help the reader to understand them in-depth.
  • Demonstrate the basic understanding of the main subject.
  • Enhance your research skills.

Moreover, the essay is made up of ideas and conclusions based on the reviewed information. Also, synthesis essays can share similarities with analysis, argumentative, or compare and contrast essays.

A good essay is based on thorough research.The research helps to combine various previously conducted relevant studies. It provides you the basis to create a strong perspective on a topic.

Types of Synthesis Essay

Synthesis essays can be categorized into two different types. Each type of essay has a unique purpose for writing. These are:

  1. 1. Expository Synthesis Essay

    It is also known as a research synthesis essay. In this type, the author explains the issue in detail. Also, this type is normally used in social studies, literature, and history classes.

    Take a look at this example and get a better understanding of this essay type.

    Expository Synthesis Essay

  2. 2. Argumentative Synthesis Essay

    This type focuses on the writer’s thoughts and explaining a topic from an impartial viewpoint. Its main aim is to persuade the reader and support the argument with evidence.

    The following is an example for your ease.

    Argumentative Synthesis Essay

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How to Start a Synthesis Essay?

When you start writing the essay, make sure to know your purpose and develop your perspective on the subject. A perfect essay requires that you present information in an organized way.

The following are the steps that you should follow to start your essay well.

  1. 1. Choose a Topic

    The topic selection is the first step of starting the essay. When you choose the topic, you should know the audience’s interest and its knowledge level. Also, the essay topic should never be too broad or narrow, so you can easily write about it.

    Moreover, when you choose the essay topic, make sure that the data is easily available. Otherwise, you spend a lot of time in the research phase.

  2. 2. Gather Information

    Once you select the essay topic, start collecting data for your essay. Again, read your sources carefully and gather pertinent information that helps to develop a strong thesis statement.

  3. 3. Synthesis Essay Thesis

    Synthesis writing always includes a thesis statement, which is the main argument of the essay. The thesis statement summarizes an essay's main point. It conveys your stance to the reader.

  4. 4. Synthesis Essay Outline

    An outline is an essential part of any essay. Without it, you will be writing your draft haphazardly and will have no idea what the purpose or focus of your essay is.

    Creating a quality outline only takes time and research but will ultimately help you in your entire writing phase.

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How to Write a Synthesis Essay?

After creating the outline of your essay, start writing the essay. Every well-structured essay has the following three parts.

  1. 1. Synthesis Essay Introduction

    An essay introduction is the first and important part where you can easily grab the reader’s attention. The introduction of the essay contains several elements:

    • Hook Statement: Start the essay with an interesting hook statement. It might be a question, fact, statistics, or quote about your topic.
    • Background Information: After the hook statement, provide some background information about the topic.
    • Thesis Statement: Conclude the introduction with a thesis statement that will describe the essay’s main purpose.
  2. 2. Synthesis Essay Body Paragraphs

    After the introduction, write the essay’s body paragraphs and use the MEAL approach - Main Idea, Evidence, Analysis, and Link Back.

    • Main Idea: Present the argument and claim the topic. Use a topic sentence to introduce the main idea.
    • Evidence: Support your topic sentence with strong facts and evidence.
    • Analysis: Describe and prove your point.
    • Link Back: In this step, you write the concluding sentence of the paragraph. This sentence should link back to the main claim of the essay.
  3. 3. Synthesis Essay Conclusion

    The conclusion is the last step of the essay, where you summarize the entire essay and answer whether or not your thesis statement makes sense. The essay conclusion should contain several elements:

    • Restate the thesis statement.
    • Essay main points.
    • A final closing sentence.
  4. 4. Proofread

    When you finish writing the essay, start the proofreading phase. First, remove all the complex words or sentences that are difficult for the readers. Also, eliminate all the grammatical, vocabulary, and punctuation mistakes.

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Synthesis Essay Examples

Here are some synthesis essay examples to help you make your essay more interesting and effective.

Synthesis Essay Structure

Synthesis Essay on Diversity

Ap Lang Synthesis Essay

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Synthesis Essay Topics

For an engaging and creative essay, it's important to find the right topic - one that will make people take notice.

For your help, we gathered a list of topics that you can use for your essay.

  • How to improve the English language?
  • What is the most effective way of preventing domestic violence?
  • How does air pollution contribute to global warming?
  • Everyone should have free access to medical services.
  • Why is obesity becoming an increasing problem?
  • How does community service serve as an effective solution?
  • Borderline personality disorder in teenagers.
  • The influence of social media on kids.
  • How to cite sources in a research paper?
  • Are reality shows on TV actually based on reality?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How should a synthesis essay start?

There are several ways to get started with writing it. One way is by offering some intriguing fact that may not be well known or something you find interesting about your topic. Then, share it in an opening sentence for the introduction paragraph. Another option would be to start the essay with a famous quote related to your topic.

What type of essay is a synthesis essay?

A synthesis essay is a written discussion of ideas. It involves gathering information from several sources then synthesizing it.

How do you end a synthesis essay?

Here are some steps that you should follow while ending the essay.

  1. Summarize the main points.
  2. Rephrase the thesis statement.
  3. Closing sentence.

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