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What to Write My College Essay on?

Below are the topics that you should write a college essay on if you are wondering, ‘What are the good topics for college essays?’ Such ideas will help you craft an amazing supplemental essay in no time.

  • Write about Life Goals
  • Describe your Role Model
  • Write How you Faced the Challenges in your Life
  • Write about a Current Issue

Let’s discuss these topic ideas in detail.

Write about Life Goals

The best college admission essays to write are about personal statements.

College admission officers always expect students to share stories about themselves so they can get a real sense of who you are as an individual.

Applicants need to talk about their goals and how they plan on achieving those goals because colleges like knowing that you will be successful. This will help you in your college admissions process.

Describe your Role Model

Some people in our lives can motivate us, inspire us, and give us a sense of purpose.

Not only can this be the case with friends or family, but also those we see as mentors. They, too, provide guidance that is invaluable for success.

Have you written about why someone inspires you? If not, then your college application essays are your chance to write them now!

Write How you Faced the Challenges in your Life

Officers and professors involved in your college application process often want to see how you responded in the face of challenges.

You may have faced many struggles before now, but those difficulties show who you are as a person. They define your character traits like resilience, determination, or generosity. They can also help you get financial aid.

The colleges can get an idea of what type of student will be joining their campus community.

Write about a Current Issue

Start by choosing an issue that is related to current affairs or your field of study. Then come up with some points that will support your thesis statement and then back them up with evidence from research or statistics.

Finally, polish off your essay by adding a conclusion paragraph where you restate your main point and summarize why it's important for readers to understand this issue.

This should get you started on writing an amazing paper!

These college essay topics will help you write great essays to get high test scores or make your admission to your generation college easy.

What Should You Not Write Your College Essay On?

There are a few topics that are generally hard to write. Then there are some that should not be written about because they are controversial or give a bad impression of the writer.

The essay prompts that you should avoid writing a college essay are as follows:

  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Privilege
  • Revenge
  • Horrific events or tragedies
  • Socially unacceptable activities

So, a simple answer to the question, “Can I write my college essay about anything?” is no. Because there are certain topics that you should avoid if you want to score high or avoid trouble.

How Do I Make My College Essay Stand Out?

There are some characteristics of an essay that make it stand out from the rest. The admission officers are usually looking for these three qualities in a paper:

  1. It should show you critical thinking skills.
  2. It should be authentic.
  3. It should be unique in terms of content and interpretation.

Tips on Writing a Good College Essay

Here are a few tips that will help you ace your college essay:

  • The first paragraph is the most important part of any writing. So, ensure that it is interesting enough to grab the reader’s attention.
  • It's important to be unique. You should never try to copy someone else’s opinions in your essay. We all have our one-of-a-kind story waiting to get out into the world.
  • Humans are naturally bored by reading elaborate writings. So it's up to you as the writer to make sure that they keep reading. You can do this by being creative and engaging in your writing.
  • Add examples, quotes, and other references to back up the opinions you have written in the essay.
  • Ensure the coherence and logical progression of the essay. Your essay should look like one unit.

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