Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics (2022)

Persuasive Speech Topics

Coming up with an interesting topic is one of the hardest parts of the writing process, especially for persuasive speeches. Finding and coming up with impressive persuasive speech topics will help you write a good speech and attract the attention of your target audience - colleagues, teacher and whoever is listening to your speech.

To write an engaging speech, you must come up with a great idea that should engage, inform and persuade your audience. When you have a properly written speech, you are confident that you will be able to convince your audience easily. A good persuasive essay speech will show your audience how knowledgable you are about the topic. The speech must have enough evidence to prove that you have researched the topic thoroughly and your point of view is clear.

However, many students find it difficult to come up with a good persuasive speech topic. Are you also looking for a perfect topic to write your persuasive speech on? Then this blog is for you.

This blog provides you with more than 180 amazing persuasive speech topics for presentation.

Let’s get started!

Components of a Persuasive Speech

No persuasive speech and essay is complete without having these three components: ethics, logic, and emotion. These are also known as Logos, Ethos, and Pathos.

Components of a Persuasive Speech

(ethos, pathos, logos)

Best Persuasive Speech Topics for Students - 2022

Following are some outstanding persuasive speech ideas that you can choose from.

Simple Persuasive Speech Topics for Kids

  • 10 reasons to adopt a pet
  • Driving tests should be free
  • Technology and teenagers
  • Importance of teachers in our society
  • The negative effects of video games
  • Impact of music videos on youth and children
  • Mental health should be taught in schools
  • Social media benefits and risks for youngsters
  • Do exam results really matter?
  • How to overcome shyness and social anxiety?

Easy Persuasive Speech Topics for Teens

  • How to solve challenging math problems?
  • How to write a better speech title?
  • Which sports are best to keep you healthy?
  • Do schools assign too much homework?
  • How to deal with bullies?
  • How can a teacher improve a student's presentation skills?
  • The positive effect of spending a year as an exchange student
  • Why is being popular not a good thing?
  • The problems of free time activities
  • The benefits of having a part-time job

Top Persuasive Speech Topics for Middle School

  • Reality TV shows are a waste of time
  • Ten characteristics of a true hero
  • The benefits of growing your garden
  • How can music change the way a person feels?
  • Journal writing for mental health
  • How to protect endangered animals?
  • Dangers of texting while driving
  • Dogs make better pets than cats
  • Positive effects of donating money
  • Myths about climate change and global warming

Unique Persuasive Speech Topics for High School Students

  • Loyalty in professional sports
  • Marijuana should be legalized
  • Why should assisted suicide be legalized?
  • Human cloning is unethical
  • Smoking in public should be illegal
  • Alternatives to imprisonment
  • The drinking age in the United States should be lowered
  • Why should religion not be taught in schools?
  • Colleges should be free to attend
  • Religion and science go hand in hand

Good Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

  • Traditional schooling vs. homeschooling: which is better?
  • Why should animal hunting be banned?
  • Why do people stay in unhappy marriages?
  • Education makes life better
  • Single parents should be allowed to adopt
  • Key differences between private and public colleges
  • Why should recycling be mandatory?
  • Why should we not interfere in other country’s affairs?
  • Day school or night school: which is better?
  • The death penalty should be abolished

Creative Persuasive Speech Topics for University Students

  • Should boys and girls be taught in separate classes?
  • Why should schools include meditation?
  • The use of torture for national security
  • How to keep your community clean?
  • Lease or buy a car: what is better?
  • How does policy work in local government?
  • Students should get paid for good grades
  • Why is conflict healthy for relationships?
  • Should assault weapons be legal?
  • Should voting be made compulsory?

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Great Persuasive Speech Topics on Health and Fitness

  • Write about the advantages of blood donation
  • Discuss the consequences of smoking
  • The obesity problem cannot be solved by exercise alone
  • Write about the importance of personal growth
  • Is dieting the only way to lose weight fast?
  • Health risks associated with meat consumption
  • Acupuncture: How does it work?
  • The benefits of healthy school lunches
  • Is the fast-food industry accountable for obesity?
  • Why are more people getting cosmetic surgery?

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Persuasive Speech Topics About Mental Health

  • What is the impact of music therapy on mental health?
  • Should classes about mental health awareness be added to the curriculum?
  • How to identify a teenage personality disorder?
  • How do our differences make us beautiful and stronger?
  • What is the similarity between fear and phobia?
  • Popular myths about a child’s mental health
  • What are the effects of stress on students?
  • Peer pressure and depression among students
  • Effects of physical health on mental health
  • Common factors that affect men’s mental health

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Animal Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Is it ethical to test products on animals?
  • Should animals be kept in zoos?
  • Why should you not buy and wear fur clothes?
  • Animal euthanasia: is it ethical?
  • Difference between a companion pet and a service dog
  • Is it normal to be scared of animals?
  • Keeping toxic animals as pets: is it ethical?
  • The benefits of spaying domesticated cats
  • Ten ways to improve the lives of animals
  • Should animal fashion be banned?

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Music Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Are music videos appropriate for children to watch?
  • Health insurance should cover music therapy
  • Why should you learn to play the French Horn?
  • Should explicit music be edited in school dances?
  • How can good music make you healthier?
  • What is the importance of music in our society?
  • Why should music be free?
  • Difference between country and rock music
  • Students should be allowed to listen to music while studying
  • Arts and music is just as important as science and maths

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Sports Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Why do professional athletes are paid too much?
  • The importance of random drug testing in sports
  • Winning is great but giving your best is what matters
  • The many benefits of bike-sharing programs
  • Should school sports be funded?
  • Why do women athletes get lesser media coverage than men athletes?
  • The future of sports science
  • College admission for athletes.
  • Sports and gender differences.
  • The significance of sports to the youth

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Medical and Health Persuasive Speech Topics

  • History and evolution of medical instruments
  • Myths about common eating disorders
  • The consequences of brain injuries
  • The common health problems of puberty
  • Is autism a disease or a variant of the norm?
  • How to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia?
  • The primary role of paramedics
  • Genetic engineering and cloning
  • What are the benefits of artificial organs?
  • Factors that affect the physical and mental health of adults

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Business Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Advertising is a mind game
  • The benefits of niche marketing
  • Reasons why introverts make great leaders
  • Is it a good idea to start a business with a friend?
  • What are the pros of getting into the family business?
  • Effects of social media marketing on your business
  • Unconventional business ideas to make money
  • The importance of delegation and why it is important?
  • HR should not ask personal questions
  • How to start a business with no money?

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Controversial Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Why should professional athletes be drug tested?
  • Is democracy the best form of Government?
  • Why ban abortion?
  • Why is it important to ban automatic weapons?
  • Does religion do more harm than good?
  • Should school uniforms be mandatory?
  • Is peer pressure good or bad?
  • Hate speech should be banned
  • Is immigration helping the US?
  • Pros and cons of birth control without parental consent

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Funny and Humorous Persuasive Speech Topics

  • High-paying job or a fun job: which one to choose and why?
  • Why should you not use funny pick-up lines?
  • Women or men: who gossips more?
  • Why should you not friend your parents on Facebook?
  • Why blame the horoscope when things go wrong?
  • Is it bad to wear yoga pants every day?
  • Reasons why students do not pay attention in class
  • Dogs are smarter than cats
  • You should feel happy when your computer crashes
  • Do you love using your surname?

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Fun Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Ghosts live under your bed.
  • We must act like a child with children.
  • Music can reduce depression.
  • Jewelry is a girl’s best friend.
  • Dry cakes should not be labeled as cakes
  • Allow kids to believe in fairies
  • Fairy tales exist in the real world
  • Watching comedy videos lighten your mood
  • Napping must be legalized at work
  • Cars are boys’ best friends.

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Easy and Simple Persuasive Speech Topics

  • You should not text while driving
  • Recycling must be made compulsory
  • People must exercise to stay healthy
  • Money can buy happiness and love
  • We should avoid the circumstances leading to world war 3
  • Students must be allowed to nap in the class
  • You must wear a car seat belt during the ride
  • Encourage your children to help in the house
  • Do not yell at your kids
  • Eat healthy food to live a longer life

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Public Speaking Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Importance of art education in public schools
  • Pros of community service in high school
  • Is higher education overrated?
  • Why should cell phones not be allowed in schools?
  • Genetically modified food is bad for our health
  • How to learn from your mistakes?
  • Best ways to make money as a college student
  • Best ways to overcome stress
  • Students should be allowed to pick their own schools
  • What is it like living with refugees from other countries?

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Arts Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Is art education important? Why should schools continue to support the arts?
  • Should government funding be directed towards the arts? Why or why not?
  • What is the value of art? How do we determine what is valuable and what is not?
  • Is street art a form of vandalism or an expression of creativity?
  • Should art be censored? When, if ever, is censorship acceptable?
  • How does art reflect society? What can we learn about a culture by looking at its art?
  • Is there such a thing as "bad" art? Who decides what is good or bad?
  • Is the purpose of art to provoke? How far should an artist be able to go in their work?
  • What is the difference between "high" art and "low" art? Is one more valuable than the other?
  • Should museums be free to the public? Why or why not?

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Economy Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Should the government do more to regulate the economy?
  • Is income inequality a problem in the United States?
  • What is the best way to create jobs?
  • What is the role of the Federal Reserve in the economy?
  • What is fiscal policy?
  • What is monetary policy?
  • What are the benefits of free trade?
  • What are the drawbacks of free trade?
  • Should the minimum wage be raised?
  • Is there a gender wage gap?

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Entertainment Persuasive Speech Topics

  • The pros and cons of attending a music festival.
  • Should parents be more lenient with their children when it comes to screen time?
  • Do celebrities have a personal responsibility to use their platform for good?
  • Is too much emphasis placed on winning in the world of sports?
  • Should there be more regulations on the food industry?
  • What is the impact of social media on our mental health?
  • Is it time for a change in the way we elect our leaders?
  • Should the government do more to protect endangered species?
  • What can we do to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels?
  • What is the impact of technology on our ability to connect with others?

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Ethics Persuasive Speech Topics

  • The importance of always telling the truth.
  • Why we should never take advantage of other people's trust?
  • The reasons why stealing is wrong, no matter what the circumstances are.
  • How racism is still a problem in our society today?
  • The dangers of drugs and why people should avoid them.
  • Why premarital sex is not a good idea?
  • How abortion is morally wrong and why women should not have this procedure done?
  • The problem with cloning humans and animals.
  • Why it is important to be respectful of other cultures and religions?
  • The dangers of nuclear weapons and why we should work towards getting rid of them.

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Environment Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Should we stop using plastic bags?
  • Should we stop cutting down trees?
  • Is global warming a threat to our environment?
  • What should we do to reduce pollution?
  • How can we help preserve our wildlife?
  • Should there be laws to protect the environment?
  • What can we do to reduce our carbon footprint?
  • How can we make our cities more sustainable?
  • What is the impact of consumerism on the environment?
  • How can we reduce our reliance on fossil fuels?

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Fashion Persuasive Speech Topics

  • The history of fashion and how it has changed over time.
  • Why natural fibers are better than synthetic materials?
  • Why fair trade fashion is important?
  • The impact of fast fashion on the environment.
  • The importance of supporting local designers and boutiques.
  • How to be a savvy shopper and spot a good deal?
  • The difference between designer labels and mass-produced clothing.
  • Why it is important to buy quality over quantity when it comes to clothes?
  • How personal style is an expression of self-identity?
  • The role that fashion plays in society and how it can be used as a form of self-expression?

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Motivation Persuasive Speech Topics

  • The need for motivation in the workplace.
  • The benefits of being motivated in school.
  • The effects of motivation on health and well-being.
  • The importance of motivation in relationships.
  • The role of motivation in success.
  • The impact of motivation on lifestyle choices.
  • The importance of motivation in sports.
  • The link between motivation and productivity.
  • The relationship between motivation and job satisfaction.
  • The connection between motivation and stress management.

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Travel Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Why you should visit the Maldives?
  • The best time to visit Europe
  • Why Africa is the ultimate safari destination?
  • How to beat jet lag?
  • The pros and cons of group travel
  • The best way to see the world is by traveling solo
  • The case for long-term travel
  • Is overtourism a real thing? And if so, what can be done about it?
  • Why traveling is the best education?
  • The benefits of slow travel

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Technology Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Technology has made our lives easier, but at what cost?
  • Is technology making us more alone?
  • We are becoming slaves to technology.
  • Should we be worried about the increasing use of artificial intelligence?
  • Technology is changing the way we think and learn.
  • The internet is a dangerous place.
  • Social media is making us less social.
  • We are losing our ability to communicate without technology.
  • Technology is bad for our environment.
  • We should limit the use of technology.

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Video Games Persuasive Speech Topics

Here are some good video games persuasive topics for your next speech;

  • Should video game content be age-restricted?
  • Are violent video games more harmful than other kinds of media?
  • Should there be more regulation on the sale of video games?
  • Do video games cause people to act out violently in real life?
  • Do video games promote lazy and antisocial behavior?
  • Are video games a form of art?
  • Do video games require more skill than other forms of entertainment?
  • Are video game developers solely responsible for the content of their games?
  • Do video games promote sexist or racist stereotypes?
  • Is too much time spent playing video games bad for your health?

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Scientific Persuasive Speech Topics

  • The benefits of space exploration.
  • Why we should invest in alternative energy sources?
  • How GM crops can help solve world hunger?
  • The potential dangers of nanotechnology.
  • The importance of conserving biodiversity.
  • The power of meditation in improving mental and physical health.
  • Why we should all be taking probiotics?
  • The benefits of a plant-based diet.
  • How to get people to recycle more?
  • The importance of doing scientific research.

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Education Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Should single-sex education be implemented in schools?
  • Is homework harmful or helpful?
  • Should students be required to wear uniforms?
  • Are charter schools a good idea?
  • Should the school day start later?
  • Should schools offer more vocational and trade courses?
  • Should year-round schooling be adopted?
  • Should we raise the legal dropout age?
  • Should standardized tests be abolished?
  • Is homeschooling a good option?

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Family Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Should parents be more lenient with their children?
  • Should the government do more to help families in need?
  • Should schools do more to teach family values?
  • Are single parent families as successful as two-parent families?
  • Is it better for children to grow up in a small town or a big city?
  • Should the government do more to support stay-at-home parents?
  • Is adoption a better option than traditional childbirth?
  • Should all families be required to have a certain amount of time together each day?
  • Should there be stricter laws against child abuse?
  • Is it better for children to be raised by a single parent or by both parents?

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Government Persuasive Speech Topics

  • The government should provide free healthcare for all citizens.
  • The government should invest more in renewable energy sources.
  • The government should do more to combat climate change.
  • The government should provide free education for all citizens.
  • The government should raise the minimum wage.
  • The government should do more to help the homeless.
  • The government should do more to protect the environment.
  • The government should crack down on tax evasion.
  • The government should provide more funding for the arts.
  • The government should do more to combat corruption.

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Religion Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Studying religion is a powerful motivating force.
  • Stories about the ancient gods and goddesses abound.
  • How can two individuals who believe in different religions resolve their differences and quarrels?
  • Is it appropriate to teach about the existence of God in a class?
  • People may benefit from the Bible's emotional stories in order to restore their faith.
  • Is spirituality in the new age a reality or a myth?
  • Do all religions promote love and peace?
  • The Bible's story has been told in many different ways throughout the years.
  • Children should be permitted to select their own religion.
  • What is the difference between a cult and a religion?

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What Makes a Good Persuasive Speech Topic?

Here are the factors to consider to ensure that you pick a good persuasive speech topic:

  • Easy: You must be familiar with the topic that you choose for writing a persuasive speech. It must interest you to help you write a compelling speech for the audience.
  • Fresh: Choose a topic that is fresh and not outdated. Think of the issues or happening that are common in this era. Topics such as related diseases, same-sex marriage, abortion, etc., are the latest for this generation. Choose something that would grab your reader’s attention so that they would relate to it.
  • Interesting: Choose a topic that interests your audience and grabs their attention. This will help your audience remain engaged in the content of your speech. In addition, a good topic will help persuade your audience. Choose a topic that your readers or people from the audience want to hear about.

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Tips to Create a Winning Persuasive Speech

Having a great It's not enough to have the greatest informative speech topic ideas. There are certain standards and hints that may help you generate an intriguing inspirational speech that everyone will enjoy.

Simply put, excellent persuading speech topics are those that create emotionally or ethically strong arguments, strong, well-researched/trustworthy evidence/arguments, and deal with issues of significant importance.

You must work hard to ensure that each paragraph of your essay is clear, useful and adds value to the reader. Here are some pointers to assist you in delivering a strong quality persuasive speech:

  • Create a Proper Outline for Your Speech

    Working from outlines is the greatest approach to guarantee that your essays and papers are well-written. The outline acts as a frame on which you may check your persuading speech. It's the strategy that will aid you in keeping track of where you're heading. When it comes to any writing task, becoming distracted is unavoidable.

    Because you'll soon be diving into the task details, it's important that you have this tool to help you stay focused on the ideas you want to tackle. You can jot down all of your thoughts and make sure they're linked.

    If your content makes sense, your audience will stay interested till the end, whether they're reading or listening. There are a lot of online examples for speech outlines that you may utilize as a base.

  • Use Good and Proper Vocabulary

    It's not necessary to use colloquialisms or other unusual forms of speech. It's best to stick with the standard way of expressing yourself. You want people to be compelled to pay attention to your presentation. You should ensure that you are utilizing the correct words in order for your message to be understood.

    You may use any words you wish to make your speech interesting, contentious, or inspiring. The complexity of the words you choose should be proportionate to the topic and audience of your presentation.

  • Get Professional Help.

    You may discover a fascinating example of the subject you're writing about. Writing an original forceful speech will be extremely tough unless you are very creative. Look for a dependable custom writing business and purchase speeches online as a simple solution.

    You should be aware that hiring a speech generator ensures that you will be able to deliver an outstanding paper on schedule. A professional writer will examine your speech for mistakes and errors, ensuring that you receive an original piece of writing.

    This is an innovative approach to finish all of your assignments and achieve the highest grades. A trustworthy academic service employs a team of skilled writers with PhDs from respected institutions. They are educated to deliver you with a wide range of projects, ranging from the elementary level to the PhD degree.

  • Learn from Examples

    Using a lot of examples is a tried and true approach to illustrating your point of view and engaging your audience. This method helps people accept what you're saying. To appeal to your audience's emotions and intellect at the same time, be sure that these instances have a strong emotional component.

  • Keep on Practicing Practice and Practice some More

    This is without a doubt one of the most valuable pieces of advice ever given. If you're not great at writing, don't worry. Perfection comes with practice. The more you experiment with different things for your persuasive speech, the more you will improve.

    You may also call one of your pals and have them play the part of your audience. Their feedback can assist you in finishing your task in a higher quality.

    Hopefully, the above list of persuasive speech topics will help you understand what a compelling speech topic is like. Once you have decided on the topic, the next step is to research the subject matter and start writing your speech.


It takes time and effort to produce a good persuading speech. You must ensure that you've chosen one of the most effective persuasive speech topics and used the proper terminology to express your point. This is your opportunity to voice your opinion freely and honestly, so don't be concerned or reserved.

Keep in mind that even if you don't succeed the first time, you will be able to learn from your errors. You may also seek expert assistance and hire a speech writer online to ensure that you've completed your task correctly.

If you have no idea what is the best topic to write your persuasive speech on, professional essay writers can help. is a professional writing service that can help you craft an interesting and engaging persuasive speech.

We will ensure that you receive a well-structured persuasive speech written by a professional writer. All you have to do is place your order with your initial requirements and get a perfect speech on time.

Hire a professional essay writer now and get your persuasive speech done the way it should be.


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