Top Trending Topics for Synthesis Essays – 2021

Are you among those individuals who face difficulty while choosing a topic for essays? If yes, then continue reading. In this article, some of the top trending topics along with their narrowed down versions of topics will be discussed. You will find plenty of topics that are not just trending but are also appropriate while writing synthesis essays.

Before jumping right into the topics, I would first like to shed some light on how to choose the best topic for a synthesis essay. Having knowledge of choosing the right topic is important because a lot of times teachers do not assign the topic themselves. Rather they let students choose a topic and grade them on their choice. Thus, it is significant to comprehend the points to consider when choosing a topic. Therefore, pay close attention to details as you read along.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Topic

In synthesis essays, writers are expected to choose a strong thesis statement. It is not like any other essay rather it is centered around a unique theme, idea, or thesis. Following points must be considered when choosing a topic or you can ask others to write my essay.

  • An interesting topic should be chosen

    When you choose a topic that is of interest to you, you tend to spend more time researching it and give it your best shot. Hence, the outcome is also interesting. If you need help, get it from a paper writing service now.

  • The topic should be specific and not too general

    Try to choose a topic that is narrow and does not discuss all aspects of it in a single essay. For instance, choosing "Social Media" as a topic is too general. Try to narrow it down. Something like "Does Social Media have an impact on the mental health of individuals" would be a better choice.

  • Choose a debatable topic

    The best topic for a synthesis essay is something that is open for discussion and easily debated. If people agree with each and every argument an essay writer wrote in his essay, then it does not make it interesting. Therefore, to make it interesting, choose something debatable.

Top Trending Topics for Synthesis Essays

I will list down some trending topics along with some narrowed down versions of those topics below. As you read through it, see what topic is of interest to you and then choose accordingly.

  1. 1. Topics related to Social Media
    • Does social media impact the mental health of individuals?
    • Is social media safe?
    • What is the optimal age for children to engage in social networking sites?
    • How has Instagram and Facebook changed shopping habits?
    • How has society changed after social media?
  2. 2. Topics related to Global Warming
    • What is contributing to increased global warming indicators?
    • How do our daily activities impact the environment?
    • Impact of fossil fuels on the environment
    • How are animal species affected by global warming?

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  3. 3. Topics Related to Education
    • How to improve the academic performance of students?
    • Who should bear the higher education cost?
    • What social factors affect the academic performance of students?
    • Does higher education guarantee a successful future?
    • How has Covid-19 affected the educational system?
  4. 4. Topics related to Technology
    • Effect of technology on globalization
    • Cultural changes brought forth by technology
    • How has technology affected the growth of businesses?
    • Impact of technology on our daily lives

Above are examples of trending topics that you can choose for your synthesis essays. However, if you still find it difficult to choose or write an essay topic, there are plenty of experts online who can provide you with the cheapest essay writing service. You can always get their assistance and ace your synthesis essays.

Lastly, all of the above-mentioned topics are trending and can be narrowed down easily according to your interest. Do not limit yourself to the aforementioned topics as there are plenty of others.