Want to Create a Well-Planned Summary - Follow these Simple Steps

Often students are asked to write summaries of the stories, poems, articles, and books that they read. Why? This type of task is assigned to them to improve and judge their skills to pick the key points, extract the more important information, and then write it. The instructor is able to evaluate critical thinking skills which are quite essential, especially for college students.

But writing a summary isn't that easy. Knowing what information to include and what to exclude, and then how to write all the points coherently comes with practice. If you are facing any of these problems then know that you are not alone. Many students face similar issues and here are a few simple steps you can follow or you can ask others to write my essay .

1. Read the given writing

You must read the given writing very carefully. Do not think that skimming would be enough. You should read it thoroughly and carefully. You may not understand everything the first time you read it. But you must try to understand as much as you can, especially the purpose of the writing.

2. Form a thesis statement

If you have read the writing at least once, you will get an idea about the main idea. Using this main idea, you can form a thesis statement for your summary. You do not have to make the thesis statement as argumentative, rather it must be descriptive.

3. Read it again

At this stage, you must be well-aware of the main idea as well as the key points. However, you need all the key points for composing the summary. So read it again and carefully even if it takes a little more time. Every key point of the writing must be included in the summary so that it can qualify as a well-planned summary. If an essay writer is not able to understand a specific idea or words, highlight and do a little research on it.

4. Divide it into sections

All these steps are explained well and are easy to follow but still, you might get stuck in them because the writing you have chosen is not that simple. If that is the case and you are wondering how to write a summary of the writing is tough, then here is a simple step for it. While you are reading the writing, try dividing it into sections. The sections will make it easier for you to understand and then find the key points you will need to include.

Do not make several sections randomly, instead look at shifts in the writing. For instance, if it is novel, you can divide it into the exposition, rise, climax, fall, and resolution or end. Read the writing thoroughly to know about the shifts.

5. Gather the key points and make an outline

When reading it again you will realize that some details are more important than others. Note the important key points of the writing to include in your summary. You can either highlight them in the original writing or note them done separately. Using these points, make an outline for the summary. Keep the sequence the same as that of the writing.

6. Identify the supporting ideas

The next step is to identify the supporting ideas which the author has used in the writing. Sometimes including the key points is not sufficient and you need to add the supporting ideas to offer a much better context. However, when adding the supporting ideas, do not forget the main key points which must be your first priority. If you are confused, get help from a paper writing service now.

7. Form a Draft

After you have all the data to work on, you should now start working on the draft. The draft may not be perfect but make sure that you try your best. Follow the outline and compose a summary as the first draft. Keep the sentence structure and tone of the summary formal.

8. Proofread and Edit

Now that you have composed the draft, it is time to refine it and change it into a perfect summary that can be submitted. Read the draft carefully and remove any syntax, grammatical or punctuation errors. Also, check if your summary has accurate information from the writing. Edit the parts you think maybe unnecessary or inaccurate. If you have any doubts, go back to writing and check. Remember, you can always consult an essay writing service to edit and proofread your assignments.

9. Include Reference

Lastly, do not forget to include the reference of the writing you have used since you did not use any supporting evidence from another source, you are not required to include any other reference.

Qualities your summary should have

With all the steps mentioned above, you will be able to create a well-planned summary. If you are wondering what qualities your summary should have to score an A grade, then know that your summary should be

  • Clear and Understandable

    You must start your summary with an introduction that clearly identifies the title of writing, author name, type of writing, and main points all in the present tense. Remember to use the summarizing language like the author claims that, the author suggests that, and more.

  • Accurate

    Your summary should be a concise reflection of the writing you have selected. You are not required to include more detail on the topic other than what is mentioned in the writing. Make sure that you include all the key details of the writing into your summary accurately without leaving any significant detail or adding anything from your side.

  • Clear of mistakes

    Leaving mistakes in the summary will only ruin its impression. Remove all the mistakes when proofreading.

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