A Typical Lab Report Writing Tips and Sample

A lab report is defined as a report that is more like a form that is filed by a student by writing some of the activities performed after entering the lab and after leaving. A lab report can vary in length as well as format. Writing a lab report is usually a fun thing because a person feels so confident and technical because you know that you have to record all the activities that you have done so far. Many of the students find it a difficult job because not all students are able to synchronize their writing with the activities and many of the students forget the sequence or they actually forget to pen down all the activities that they have performed. I am sharing some quick tips that can help you write a lab report or you can ask others to write my essay.


It is stressed that a student should write a concise or to-the-point lab report. It is one of the most fundamental options that one has to choose because the more you exaggerate harder will be for the teacher to evaluate. It should be noted that a lab report is not an essay so it should be written in the form of short sentences and there should be no repetition.


Always write your lab report in their person because you are not supposed to write in 1st person. Then, give more attention to the choice of words as well because it plays a crucial role in making up an informative context.

Choice of Tense

It is suggested that students should use the correct verb tenses. Students should write a lab report in the past tense. It will not only mitigate the errors of tense shifting but it is one of the best ways that can be used for writing a report after performing the experiment. However, when an essay writer is talking about any of the equipment or the theory then you are supposed to write in the present tense.

Be Authentic

It is one of the most significant concerns that is observed in lab reports. Usually, students write the things that have not actually occurred just for the sake of authenticity or to get good grades. It is not right, instead, a student should choose to write the real results. Quote the things that actually occurred and the ones that have not occurred. If something went wrong in the experiment, you should have the courage to write that as well.

Exclude the Lab Manuals

Most of the students write lab manuals while writing a lab report. It is also one of the most common mistakes. A student should write his own words rather than rewriting the lab manual. Writing in your own words will help you maintain the element of authenticity in your report and it can help you earn better grades. If you are confused, get help from a paper writing service now.

Editing and Proofreading

Although it is a lab report, still you need to follow the template of writing i.e. either APA or MLA. It not only adds to the formal approach of writing but it is one of the academic obligations to follow the standards format. After writing the report, you need to proofread the report. It will help to mitigate all grammatical and other language errors that can hamper the text writing. You can use Grammarly, an application that can help you with writing without errors and mistakes. Remember, you can always consult an essay writing service to edit your assignments.


In order to help you with the format, I am sharing a sample of a lab report. Some of the major components of the lab reports are

  1. Title
  2. Abstract
  3. Introduction
  4. Method
  5. Results and analysis
  6. Discussion
  7. Conclusion
  8. References

Let’s suppose you are asked to write a short report on the microscopic examination of the cheek cell. In this lab report, you are directed to identify the type of cell structure the cells of the cheek have and explain a single property.


“Microscopic evaluation of the cheek cells”


This lab report identifies

The structure of the cheek cells

The use of appropriate tint

(If you are writing a lab report that is a single page then you should not write an abstract. Follow the abstract section only if it is mentioned in the instructions to write an abstract)


Considering the variety of cells present in human beings, this lab report comprises detailed information regarding the human cheek cells.


The method used for microscopic evaluation of the cheek cell is the extraction of the cell from the cheek. That cell is placed in the appropriate tint so that the visibility of the cell can be enhanced. Then, the cell was placed under the microscopic and the structure and the design of the cell is analyzed

Results and Analysis

It is found that the cheek comprises elongated cells. They have a more lengthy structure. Then, it is also found that failure to add appropriate tint can affect the visibility of the cells and it can even affect the choice of structure.


The cheek cell comprises the elongated structures. It appears more in length and has a straight line structure. The cell appears to be of a thick layer and it can also be regenerated.


The type of structure found in cheek cells is an “elongated one”.

In the end, you can also add a reference section. This section will be added only if you have added a theory or there is some sort of retrieved information in the lab report.

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