Types of Classification Essays with Topic examples

Are you finding it difficult to manage all the different kinds of essays in your academic life? Are you having trouble differentiating between a classification and a contrast essay? Do you want to master the art of writing effective essays? Since you are reading this, it can be assumed that your answer is affirmative to these questions. With the help of this article, you will be able to completely understand what classification-based essays are and how to write them successfully or you can ask others to write my paper.

How to write an essay

You may approach such an essay from a two-fold perspective. The easier option that you can opt for is to simply find an online writing service and tell them to “write my essay for me”. They will take your money, write your essay and guide you regarding the topic. The second method is to learn the rules and regulations of writing different kinds of essays.

Types of Classification Essays

All academic essays follow a similar pattern. A classification essay categorizes different objects or ideas based on ordered similarities. The different types of classification-based essays are listed below. Examples are also provided to make things clear.

1. Chronological classification:

In this type of classification, you must categorize your topic into the different events that take place at different times. You will find it easy to chronologically divide historical essays. Let’s assume you were asked to write a classification-based essay on the American civil war which lasted from 1861 to 1865. In this essay, you will start from the events that took place before 1861 and describe one event after another in a time-based order.

2. Degree based classification:

In this type of essay, you have to classify your topic into low, intermediate, and high categories. This classification encompasses quality, quantity, and value, etc. If you were told to write an essay on car manufacturing companies, you would choose the top manufacturers and classify them based on their product quality. You will start with a lower quality product manufacturing company such as Daihatsu and then move on to a better one such as Toyota and finally the best one e.g., Porsche.

3. Characteristics based classification:

In this type of essay, you will classify different products based on their similar characteristics. Different products from different manufacturers may have several similarities. If you were asked to write an essay on the different movies that came out in 2020, you would classify the movies based on characteristics. Romantic movies would be in one category while action, PG18, and mystery movies would be in their own separate classes. In case you are confused, hire an essay writing service now.

4. Types based classification:

You can also categorize the topic based on the different types. One broad topic may have several types; therefore, you must categorize them and discuss each type in detail. If your professor instructs you to write an essay on pollution, you can classify it based on types. You will break pollution down into land, air, water, and sound pollution

If you have understood how to write a perfect classification-based essay you may proceed to write one. It is always better to start from a rough draft or outline. If you feel like your outline is not well-written, you can hire online guidance services. An essay writer will thus analyze your whole work and either point out your mistakes, or construct a perfect essay based on your outline. It all depends on how much you’ve got on your plate.


Classification-based essays are difficult to comprehend, therefore, the different types of classification need to be studied in great detail. If you want a good grade on your essays you can either follow the guideline above or hire an online paper writing service website. Writing individual essays may seem easy but when you are required to multi-task and write up multiple papers in a short time period, taking help from online services is often a better option.

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