Best Topics and Structuring of Cause and Effect Essay – Guide

Almost everything that happens in this world has a stimulating cause behind it. Every cause has one or more effects. For instance, sunlight causes photosynthesis in plants and helps them grow. It also provides vitamin D to humans which is an essential component for bones in the body. Therefore, what has been happening in the world has causes and thus the effects as well. Writing a cause-and-effect essay is simply an analysis of a chain of events. In simpler words, we analyze what is leading to what. For instance, you can write whether smoking is dangerous to health. The answer is obvious, yes, but that is not enough. In a cause and effect essay, a writer is supposed to analyze the causes and their effects. One has to back their claims with a miscellany of supporting evidence and research.

Writing a cause-and-effect essay requires knowledge about the topic, excellent writing skills, and the availability of the relevant data to support the claims. Students are not supposed to give sweeping statements as they can weaken your stance and eventually lead you to a bad score by your professor. Students can take help from an online essay writing service to enrich their knowledge and understanding of writing a good essay.

A cause-and-effect essay includes three parts, an introduction with a clearly stated thesis statement, body paragraphs to support that claim, and a conclusion. Taking guidance to write a good essay is not bad, as it gives insights about the topic and writing techniques. Students with poor writing skills can also consult any online paper writing service to enhance their understanding of the topic and effective tools to produce a magnificent piece of writing.


An introduction of a cause-and-effect essay includes a general overview of the topic, background, and a claim. The claim or thesis statement is the crux of the essay as the rest of the writing revolves around that statement. An introduction, therefore, must contain a clear, concise, well thought out, and debatable statement. Introductory paragraphs serve as a gateway that further enables the reader to navigate deep into the essay. Therefore, the introduction of an essay must include all the information that will be discussed in body paragraphs. However, it should not discuss everything and must provide relevant information briefly.


The body of a cause-and-effect essay includes all the paragraphs that further discuss the topic and coherently. The body of an essay includes paragraphs that further explain the claim of the essay writer and are backed by support or pieces of evidence. Each paragraph starts with a topic sentence that introduces a single idea and is backed by examples, illustrations, and facts. Each body paragraph may contain one or two supporting arguments or sources to make the main argument sound. Students must not introduce over one idea in a single paragraph. Writers who have excellent writing skills connect their body paragraphs through hooks and transitions, but beginners may face difficulty in doing so.


A conclusion of an essay simply restates the thesis statement, summarizes the essay and what it lacks. A conclusion must be comprehensive, compact, and coherent. It should not introduce any new idea that was not discussed in the essay and must confine to the original argument.

Topics for Cause and Effect Essay

Choosing a suitable topic for a cause-and-effect essay is tricky, but if students pay adequate attention to the inner meaning of a topic, they can easily determine what topic will work for them. Following are some topics for a cause-and-effect essay.

  1. Do video games cause violent behavior in teens?
  2. Is social media radicalizing society?
  3. Is social media causing polarization in society?
  4. Screen addiction leading to mental health issues in youth.
  5. Do online classes lead to better learning?
  6. Can playing video games boost intelligence?
  7. Loose gun laws promoting school violence.
  8. Globalization is damaging global cultures.
  9. Global warming causing temperature rise.
  10. Divorces causing mental health issues in children.

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