Tips to Create a Flawless Persuasive Essay–Guidelines

Whether you’re pursuing a degree in linguistics, the arts, or world affairs, you will come across the challenge of writing a persuasive essay. Persuasive essays aim to, as the name suggests, persuade the reader of an opinion. They cite evidence in favor of a position and declare the reasons why that position is justified.

Everyone has their strengths. While for some, writing a persuasive essay is like a walk in the park, for others it can feel like climbing a mountain. If you consider yourself to be in the latter category, you may have wondered, “how about I get someone else to write my paper for me?”. If that is something you can relate to, then you would be pleased to know that you actually can!

There are several essay writing services available on the internet that you can use. All you have to do is simply pick one and give them the details. An expert in the subject will write your essay and deliver it to you well before the deadline. If essays and papers have always been the pebble in your shoe during your academics, an essay writing service might just solve your problems!

However, if you wish to write your essay yourself, here are some tips you can use to ensure your persuasive essay gets the grade you are looking for:

Be direct

Persuasive essays are not like stories. They do not need a long build-up, suspense, or a surprise ending. To write a good persuasive essay, you need to make sure that you are telling your audience exactly where you stand from the beginning.

Your essay should assert its position strongly. There should be no ambiguities in your writing. Make sure your writing is clear and easily understandable. Remember, it is always better to use simple sentences and get your point across than using complex language and leave the reader confused.

Assert your position

The most important element of a persuasive essay is that you need to persuade the reader of your stance. An essay writer cannot do that if he is unsure of his position himself. Sometimes, even if you are sure, you can appear unsure if you use unassertive language.

The best way to assert your position strongly is to do so in your thesis statement. Draft a clear and precise thesis statement that shows exactly what your position is. If possible, also briefly explain the major reason behind your opinion.

Do your research

What better way to convince your reader of your argument than to do so with cold, hard facts?

If you’re writing a persuasive essay, it cannot hurt to have some facts to back up your argument. But make sure that you present these facts in a way that is easy for the reader to understand. One of the most effective ways to do this is to present information in a way that can be visualized and felt. For instance, if you are trying to convince your readers of the horrors of war, instead of giving raw casualty statistics, give them in the form of percentages or even pie charts.

Employ ethos, pathos, and logos

If you stick to only one technique of persuasion, you will be limiting your audience. To craft a persuasive essay that is truly successful in its mission, you need to make sure that you are appealing to all the senses of the reader: ethics, emotions, and rational thinking.

If you use clear wording, proper sentence structure, and follow the tips given above, you will surely be able to write a high-scoring persuasive essay in no time! In case you need help, ask a paper writing service to complete this task for you.

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