Tips and Tricks to Create Trending Topics for Persuasive Essays

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While talking about persuasive essays, one should consider something debatable in an essay and one must persuade the readers via evidence-aided argumentation in support of the thesis, that identifies which side to support. Preferably debatable topics have been emphasized as it is a key to progress while producing a persuasive essay. Persuasive essay topics should be about something the writer is interested in and should be given preference to which had background knowledge about.

The decision of an essay topic should not be abrupt but based on research where one could find evidence such as statistical facts to back one's arguments. Specifically, in the case of persuasion essays, one's topic should have two contrasting sides which need to be dealt with like a question, not like an opinion that needs to be further provided and backed with concrete evidence through comprehensive research. Selection of the topic for writing a persuasive essay should not include any kind of bias implying that it must not be reflective of the writer's personal opinions.

The narration of a topic of a persuasive essay must not be using first- or second-person's viewpoints as it would be inferring biased personal opinions. Exemplifying topics of persuasive essay could be like 'Should higher education be free for all?", "Should cellphones be banned in classrooms '? ``or like "Should educators and students be friends on social media". Similar topics are trending which are related to contemporary concerns of people and the basic trick is to find suitable persuasive topics that need to be researched, explored, understood, and then skillfully written.

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