Three important components of a thesis statement along with examples

There is always a reason behind performing some research. The reason is a clearly defined statement around which your whole research paper would be revolving. Such a statement is known as the thesis and consists of all the claims that you would be making and justifying right through the research paper. The statement needs to be crafted very carefully and even sometimes left till the end to capture the essence of the entire document. You would be judged upon the thesis initially because the readers would remember it and then see the whole paper in the light of it. It has some essential components and here are those or you can ask others to write my essay.

Thesis Components

  • The first component is a strong and limited subject. What it means is that you must have a specific topic in your mind around which you would be developing the foundation of the paper. The topic should not be too broad as you would have a hard time making any specific claims as a result of it. Also, the topic should also not be too narrow that you do not get enough data to write anything about. There should be a balance and if you are not given one by the instructor then you should be careful about it. As an example, consider the subject of social media. Now social media is a vast topic and cannot be easily established. Time to narrow it a bit so we use social media in children. Still, the topic is unclear and could be made a lot better. How about the dangers of social media in kids? Seems much more concise and to the point.
  • Once the topic has been developed and research is done, you would be developing a precise opinion about the topic. This opinion would be based on research and you shall be doing everything in your power to provide this opinion. Simply put, it is what you think about when writing on a particular subject. The opinion should be clear and to the point because the readers would take this as the main driving force for your research. Here is an example of an opinion “Use of social media in children can be dangerous if not monitored properly”. You see, we elaborated on the above example and made it include our opinion as well. Now if you are about to craft a thesis statement and unsure whether you have done the right job then a professional essay writer could help. They are well-versed with the rules and requirements of research and you could get some helpful hints from them.
  • Lastly, you would be establishing a blueprint that would include the reasons related to support the opinion that you have made earlier. The reasons are an essential part of the thesis as you must show why a certain thing happens. You cannot just claim something without giving any plausible reasons behind it. Such a statement would be utterly useless. Scientific discoveries and laws have been generated because scientists were able to produce some reasons behind their opinions. Considering the above example, our thesis is very weak as it has an opinion but no claim. It is always best to cover the variety of options for the reasons instead of just one. Again do not go overboard but make it balanced. Let us modify the above example to complete our thesis.
    • Social media can be very dangerous for children if left unmonitored because of the potential for them to use certain prohibited features without knowledge.
    • Social media is a negative technology to be used by children as hackers tend to make them their prime targets to blackmail the family while certain prohibited features could be used that are inappropriate for their age group.

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So you see the above two examples of how we managed to establish some more details regarding the actual reason and make the subject balanced. The first example supports the opinion by just a single reason but the second example is even more comprehensive and includes two reasons to support the opinion. Now the thesis does more than just helping you out with a certain statement and claims. No, my friend, it has an even greater purpose. Now potentially you have the structure of your entire document ready and waiting. In the second example above, you could devote a section for each of the reasons that you have developed an elaborate each and everything from thereon. You would be finding relevant research, taking examples, and then generating strong research based on all the data that you have collected. Again, only incorporate the reasons that you think would be enough to keep the whole thesis balanced as going too broad could be your undoing.

Now with that out of the way here are some extra things that you should remember by. First, the thesis would be present in the introduction paragraph at the end so that after you have examined the topic you can end with it so that readers may know exactly where you are coming from. Next, each section would be tracked back to the thesis so that there is a level of cohesiveness in it all. If you diverge away, the audience would not appreciate it and your paper would be very weak. Finally, restate the thesis in the conclusion so that the audience gets a little refreshing reminder about what was the highlight of the whole paper and whether you have managed to successfully use it or not.

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