Steps to Format your Thesis in Harvard Style

Thesis writing is indeed a complex job because it is the final year project or a final year report that an individual is required to submit to ensure successful completion of the degree. When you are writing your thesis, you are required to come up with a concise and accurate approach to academic writing guided by template and formatting that add to the academic appearance of your work. In order to help you with Thesis Format, in Harvard style, you need to choose the resources for which you have all the details regarding the name of the author, date of publishing, and the name of the city and state in which that works was published. In some of the cases, you are also required to quote the postal address as well, for the sake of credibility. But, before you start with the actual practical approach towards thesis writing, it is important to have a clear understanding of Harvard style referencing and its template or you can ask others to write my paper.

For Harvard referencing, you need to develop your writing within the Harvard template. This template is similar to the APA template but there are some exceptions such as reference is replaced with the bibliography and there is a difference in design. For Harvard references, all the major headings should be left-aligned with bold and italics while the subheadings should be italics only. In the thesis, there will be chapters so it is better if you will keep the formatting of the headings such as chapter same in order to make it look different from the other headings. The other headings should be following the same. If you are moving from the beginning, there should be an abstract after the title page. Here, you will write about the title and the credentials of yours. Followed by the abstract section are the disclaimers and dedications that are entirely based on the choices of the writer. If you think you should add, then go for it else if you will not add a disclaimer or dedications, it won’t make any difference.

Now you will add a table of contents and the heading entitled table of contents should be bold and italics as per the Harvard format. It will include all the headings that you have made in your research paper. It will be followed by the chapters of the thesis. Normally, a thesis has 7-8 chapters depending on the segregation of headings that have been made. The first chapter would be of the introduction section comprising o background, objectives, aims, and the overview of the research. At the end of the introduction section, there should be some research questions. In chapter two you need to quote literature review, in which you will add in-text citations of all the literary works that you have quoted. For text citation, you should quote the second name of the author with the publication date enclosed in round brackets. If you are adding a direct quote or something that is directly copied, then the citation should have the name of the author, with a year of publication and the page number enclosed in the round brackets. In case you need any further help, consult an essay writing service now.

After that third chapter will be an insight into the method that you will use for carrying out the research. In this method, you will discuss a category of the method that you will be using, i.e. either qualitative or quantitative. Whatever the method you are using, you need to explain the method and then the category or the approach of the method that you will be using. It will help the readers know all about the technique and then you will write about methodology. In the next chapter, you will discuss the results that you will obtain from the procedures. These results should be mentioned in the form of table graphs or charts and all of them should be mentioned in the table of contents. Once you are done you will move to the other chapter. It will be of discussion and in this chapter, you will explain the result and how these results have been refuted or added to the knowledge of your research. After following this you will be having a packed narration of the study that can help you identify the major points and come up with critical insight into each of them. In the next chapter, you will discuss the conclusion of your research. It will be a short summary that you will write in order to help the readers know what you have done in the research and what are the goals that you have achieved. After writing the conclusion you will write the references. Here, references will be entitled as, “bibliography”, in which you will write all the referees. All these references will be in alphabetical order and they should be as much as possible because the more you will add literature works the more your work will appear credible. The resources should have the name of the author with the name of the work, literary, or the journal in which it was published along with the date and year. In some of the cases, you need to add the name of the country and share the postal code as well to let the instructor know the credibility of the work.

Following all these steps, you will be able to write your thesis in Harvard style and it will help you earn good grades without any mistakes and worries.

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