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We consider many things as just pieces of cake. However, academic writing never is a cake unless you learn the essentials of being the best. One piece of writing that always accompanies academics is an essay and ever since childhood, you would be accustomed to writing it. But never underestimate the power of an essay to throw you off guard and get your grades down. You never want that so here is a little sample for you on the topic of “Effects of Pollution”. Just have a look or you can ask others to write my essay.

The Essay

Daily lives with all the essential work have made thinking rather one-dimensional. While it may seem strange but it is a fact as we tend to compromise things that we most often need and try to run after lesser important ones. One such thing is the environment and humans are causing huge damage to it through their habits and lack of vision. Pollution is one of the major hazards for natural resources including humans and unless some drastic measures are taken, it has the potential to wipe out all the things that humans deem essential.

It all starts with industrialization that has made the air and water more polluted than what we normally see. People are so engrossed in producing goods to market that they forget to keep the natural resources clean and tidy that is paramount for the survival of the human race. The gases emitted lead to acid rains and impurities in the air we breathe which leads to respiratory diseases and other health conditions. Industrial waste products are mostly dumped in oceans which are hindering and destroying the natural balance. Sealife is facing a huge downward profession as many species are on the verge of getting extinct as they cannot survive the polluted underwater environment.

Technology has progressed far beyond what we imagined a few years back but it has its downsides as well. There is not a place insight that is not taking advantage of the vast possibilities of computers. This may be a good thing but continuous usage of computers with extensive processing capabilities tend to make the environment a lot hotter than it should be. Though it may be trivial yet there is a huge risk as the number of machinery is increasing every day and its usage rates are astronomical. The use of technology paired with carbon emissions is a deadly combination that has the potential to wipe out the ozone layer that protects the earth from harmful cosmic radiation.

There is a solution but it is not as easy as it may seem. There is a need to have changes on all levels especially on the human mindset to counter the effects of pollution/ The aim is to preserve the atmosphere and all the natural resources before it is too late. Industrialization is an inevitable reality but with all the progress taking place, better decomposition techniques must be sought and implemented so that the air and water may remain safe from harm. Computers and other electronic devices are a useful and essential commodity but using it beyond limits is what keeps that danger level high. Curtailing the usage is what is essentially required and it is the duty of every human being to counter the pollution effects through their own little efforts. There are always cheap and alternate ways through which the environment can be protected. Walking, cycling, or using public transport for short distances is the way to go. It would not only promote good health but would also be a beneficial effect on the environment.

Pollution is one of the most serious realities of modern times and it is time that humans get a reality check. The eyes should never be diverted from the future prospects of any action and plans should be made accordingly. Any lack of attention to details could be catastrophic in the coming years and humans owe it to the future generation to pass on something worthwhile. The fight is not an individual one. Rather everyone is an equal culprit but the matter can be alleviated with proper consideration.

So you see it is not that difficult once you get down to it. Such ‘kids essay’ forms the basis of learning advanced techniques that would be helpful in the future. The essay is an example of the generic 1-3-1 rule essay where there is an intro with a thesis, 3 body paragraphs, and ending with the conclusion.

The topic should be the headlining feature of the entire essay. To be an expert essay writer, the goal should be to maintain attention to just a singular aspect and then explaining all there is to know about it. Introducing details that have no specific worth related to the topic would just lead to an overall bad grade for you. The aim is to understand the topic and then deliver it by doing proper research and exploring the internet. If you are confused, get help from a paper writing service now.

The overall writing process can be divided into the following steps.

  • Start off with researching the topic according to the prompt.
  • Take notes and develop an outline to help you through the development.
  • Keep the outline in front of you and build on what you have written to complete the draft of the essay.
  • Check for any inconsistencies and errors as well as proofread to add the finishing touches.
  • Finally submit it and be ready for a good grade since you followed all the necessary steps completely.

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