Professionally developed thesis statement examples for the most common college essay topics

An essay writer needs to remember many principles before you start writing an essay. A good essay possesses some specific attributes in the form of eloquent writing and formatting within a certain citation style. The thesis statement is also an important component for writing a good essay. It gives you a direction for your essay and the reader becomes to know the significance of your topic. You can say that a thesis statement is the most important part of your essay. After writing it in the introduction paragraph you would defend it in the rest of the essay. Different types of essays require a unique format to present an argument.

The shape and nature of an argument would differ a lot in the case of an ‘argumentative essay’ and a cause and effect essay. You should have a thorough understanding of your topic only then you can write a good thesis statement. Otherwise, you might end up writing a descriptive or narrative statement. During your research you would have the opportunity to think about your topic from every dimension; so it would not be a big issue. Remember that a good thesis statement must include an argument and direction so that readers would know what is coming in your body paragraphs.

If you want to learn how to develop a thesis statement then you are in the right place. In this post, I will write some thesis statement examples for your guidance. You can follow these examples and mold them into your desired requirement or theoretical framework. If you are writing an essay and do not know how to craft a thesis statement just pick one mentioned below and start writing your essay; only if it serves your purpose. You can also explore new angles in your essay only via a good thesis statement or just ask others to write my essay.

Common topics for college essay

Choosing a topic for your essay is not easy because they vary a lot depending upon your academic discipline. Whether it is a history essay, English essay, psychology, or any other subject your topic would determine the shape of your body paragraphs. Your research strategy would also vary, most of the time students manage to acquire data by using secondary sources as it is convenient. But if your topic requires primary data then it is hard and tough to complete.

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Topic: Pros and cons of lack of sleep

  • Thesis statements
    • To function properly the human body needs a good sleep of up to eight hours within twenty-four hours of the day.
    • Different neurological studies suggest that lack of sleep can lead to many health complications.
    • Modern lifestyles have changed the sleep pattern of humans, scientists are afraid that in the coming few generations we might have an evolved human species.
  • Topic: How excessive use of drugs causes mental and physical health complications in youngsters.

  • Thesis statements
    • Medical science has purified the form of drugs along with unlimited benefits but it also leads to many physical health complications.
    • Drugs should not be available freely and pharmacies in the US should have a proper record of their customs using drugs that can be harmful to human health.
    • The limited use of medical drugs is plausible because it does not have any negative effects if it is prescribed by a licensed doctor.
  • Topic: Role of animated movies in shaping human behavior

  • Thesis statements
    • Animated movies create affectionate characters with very soothing voices that affect their viewers positively.
    • Animated movies and how do they affect human behavior positively and negatively.
    • Animated movies do not play a major role in shaping human behavior.
  • Topic: The Lion King: A movie worth watching.

  • Thesis statements
    • Children prefer to watch movies like 'The Lion King' due to incredible animations and interesting voice-overs.
    • The content and story presented by the director and producer have intrigued the audience and forced them to think from new dimensions.
    • The movie has a very intriguing lesson on how it portrays the modern international political structure.
  • Topic: Nursing as a profession offers a very promising future for men and women.

  • Thesis statements
    • Nursing is a very effective way to serve humanity because it involves helping the needy.
    • Nursing is the only way to serve humanity in securing a bright future.
    • You should be careful while choosing nursing as a profession as you might end up in a closed street with no other option to opt.
  • Topic: Owning a business is way better than doing a job

  • Thesis statements
    • A business can offer a lot more privileges than a person can think it only needs some expertise to start.
    • There is more scope in entrepreneurship than merely doing business as an idea has more value than a business itself.
    • With business come a lot of responsibilities it is easy to do a job rather than run a successful business. In a job you have nothing to lose while in the case of business you can lose your all capital with a risk to become a debtor.
  • Topic: How the legalization of marijuana can reduce crimes?

  • Thesis statements
    • The American government spends billions of dollars annually just to ensure the ban and curb the illegal supply of marijuana. The government can make huge profits by legalizing it.
    • Different gangs manage the supply of marijuana all across America and earn their profits through the black market. Legalizing marijuana would mean eliminating all gangs.
    • The prices of marijuana are an optimum legalizing it might lower the supply of other essential agrarian goods for human consumption.
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