Methods of Qualitative Research - Guide

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Qualitative research consists of non-numeric data collection and its analysis. It helps in understanding complex concepts, ideas, opinions, or particular events that influence social life. Social science and humanities disciplines use qualitative research to read and examine different social phenomena. However, it is directly opposite to qualitative research that uses numerical data to find answers to a particular research question.

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There are five major approaches to qualitative research. These include narrative, case study, phenomenological, ethnography, and ground theory. All of them use similar data collection tools such as interviews, observation, surveys, and focus groups to draw the results.

  1. Narrative
  2. This approach combines a series of events in a sequence, generally from not more than two individuals, but not restricted to it, to develop a compact story. For this purpose, the researcher conducts interviews, study documents, and several themes to demonstrate a bigger life experience. Interviews may take months to complete, but the overall story may omit the chronological sequence of them to create a narrative. It contains themes and can reconcile conflicting stories, challenges, and tensions that can be further used to bring innovation. If you are confused, get help from a paper writing service now.

  3. Case Study
  4. Another qualitative research method is a case study. It includes an in-depth analysis of a particular situation from various aspects. Generally, case studies are used to explain or describe an event with multiple supporting data.

  5. Phenomenological
  6. If you want to describe, explain, or examine an activity, event, or phenomenon, you can use the phenomenological method. It involves different kinds of research tools for analyzing a particular event or activity. For instance, a researcher can use a combination of interviews, visiting places, reading documents, or watching videos to make a point about the subject of the study. Unlike other qualitative research methods, in phenomenological research, a researcher does not develop a hypothesis at the start rather conducts several interviews, goes through texts, and examines events from different perspectives, and collects data to study emerging themes

  7. Ethnography
  8. It is perhaps one of the most easily applicable types of qualitative research methods used by professionals to explain any social phenomenon. In ethnography, a researcher often engages in a particular cultural or social setting to study and investigate different environments, cultures, motivations, and themes of a particular group of people. Using the participant-observer method of data collection, a researcher often spends years to study a particular culture and to ensure firsthand information.

  9. Grounded Theory
  10. The grounded theory method of qualitative research attempts to explain the theoretical framework behind any particular phenomenon. Based on existing data, documents, and interviews of relatively larger sample size as primary sources, a researcher builds a theory to explain the research question. Grounded theory is productive in making informed design decisions. It helps researchers theorize a particular activity of a community by providing a better understanding of the use of a product or performance of a task. In case you need any professional assistance, consult an essay writing service now.

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