Learn how to Format your Essay in APA–Guide

The APA style formatting was developed by American Psychological Association in 1929, it is the most common type of formatting used in academic papers. APA formatting rules highlight the standards of writing content; they set out the rules for the organization of the paper, writing styles or fonts, referencing rules and also guides about preparing manuscripts. APA style is commonly used in every institute and businesses like essay writing service providers.

Writers use APA formatting in academic writing regardless of the discipline or area of discussion. While the traditional APA style is used more frequently in papers related to social sciences, business, nursing, sociology, psychology and linguistics.

General APA rules

The essay must be written on a standard A4 paper (8.5x11), must be double spaced with 1-inch margin on four sides. Every page must include a running head, which is also known as the page header. In professional and academic writings, page header must include the title along with the page number at the top of every page. The text in the running head must be left aligned while the page number is right aligned. After inserting the page number, the title is to be written in capitals and aligned to the left side. Text in the running head is generally the short form of the main title of the paper, which should not exceed 50 characters, including punctuations and spacing.


APA 7th edition suggests that the essay writer must use a font which is legible for the readers and that font must be uniform throughout the document. The choice of font totally depends on the type of paper and requirements of the affiliated institute. Professionals suggest that font choices are legitimate for every institute, publisher and instructor, therefore even the cheapest paper writing service providers also ask for the type of font required in the essay from the clients. However, for professional papers, common fonts that APA formatting recommends are; Times New Roman, Computer Modern, Arial, Calibri and Georgia.


The first section in APA formatted paper is the cover page; this section must contain the title of the research paper, author’s name, and the name of the affiliated institution. In student papers, the title page must have the instructor name, subject, student name and date of the assignment or paper. However, the title page of professional papers also uses notes from the author, which are to be placed at the bottom of the title page labelled as “Note from the Author”. The title is centre aligned and written in lower and uppercase letters. Title of the paper should not contain abbreviations; rather, the title must be clear and focused.

Next section in APA format highlights most parts of the paper, which is called abstract. Abstract starts from a separate page that must have the header at the top of the page. The first line of this page has the heading of "Header" which is bold and centre aligned. This section includes the summary of introduction, research questions, results, data, and discussions. Authors also add the keywords of the paper in the abstract section. Length of abstract must not be over 250 words.

After abstract, the sections of introduction, data, analyses and discussion comm. Paragraph length for every section should not be over 120 words, and the first line of each paragraph must be half-inch indent. First heading of these sections is always center aligned and labeled while subheading is written in bold letters and is left aligned.

The final major section in an APA formatted paper is the references section. This is the most important part of the paper written in APA style. All the references in this section must be alphabetically sorted based on the last name of the authors. The second line of each reference must be intended, which is also known as hanging indent. Last section (if and when needed) is of appendices; this section contains the additional information which acts as the supporting material for the manuscript and data which is too complex to be included in the body section, respectively. If you are still confused, you can ask others to write my paper.

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