Key Purpose of Writing an Analytical Essay – 2021

Essay writing for many students is a dreadful task. An analytical essay is a form of writing that often analyzes a piece of writing or a film. It is a deeper understanding of the key point of a given issue in order to analyze it multi-facedly. It does not just summarize the given piece of writing, rather it critically looks for the major themes, language used, author's arguments/evidence, literary devices, and overall tone of the text. Unlike argumentative and persuasive essays, the task of the writer is not to convince the readers on their side of the argument, but to put forward a critical analysis that is clear to the reader or you can ask others to write my paper.

Purpose of Analytical Essays

Analytical essays serve two purposes - one for the writer and the second for the reader. Students in schools and colleges are assigned to write analytical essays to deepen their understanding of a topic at hand. They carry out an in-depth analysis of the topic which helps them understand the topic thoroughly, thereby boosting their writing skills in becoming a good essay writer. On the other hand, analytical essays are helpful for readers in their own way. Different magazines and newspapers routinely publish analytical essays on different hot topics for the readers to make sense of the burning issues. Analytical essays help experts pen down their informed views in order to educate the readers, on matters related to politics, economy, religion, culture, etc.

Structure of an Analytical Essay

The structure of an analytical essay is almost the same as other essays - with an introduction that contains a thesis statement. Followed by several body paragraphs that support the thesis statement and lastly, an analysis based conclusion.

Key Steps for Writing an Analytical Essay

Topic selection

Teachers often assign the topic for this essay. But if you are to choose a topic for yourself, make sure to select a topic that has a greater scope to argue for. A narrower topic is difficult to write on because it lacks analytical backing. A pre-research before finalizing the topic is the best idea that would save time during writing. Furthermore, a proper thesis statement is the backbone of the essay. A reader gets to know about the whole essay and its main focus of analysis by merely having a glance at the thesis statement.

Make an outline

For a successful essay, a proper flow of arguments is essential that can be achieved by making an outline. Once you jot down ideas on paper, then you clearly see what needs to be put first, second, third, and so on. The organization of ideas in this way gives coherence to the essay along with a chronological understanding of the issue. This can be done with the help of a diagram with a topic sentence in the middle and supporting ideas branching off the topic.

Furthermore, for the analytical essay to be effective, it needs to be populated with supporting evidence. Moreover, it also needs to incorporate contrasting views. The argument of the writer is better understood in light of the opposing arguments, and acknowledgment of other's views makes one's argument stronger. Refuting the opposing argument with evidence and logic strengthens one argument and makes the essay effective.

Key Features of Analytical Essay Writing

  • It explores the given idea, data, graph, chart cues, etc.
  • Paragraphs should be crisp and comprehensive
  • Should analyze facts provided by the chart or data
  • Use of single and clear language
  • It should not contain any personal observation
  • It preferably makes use of a passive form of the verb

Analytical essay writing, therefore, is not rocket science. It requires knowing the basic features and following a few necessary steps that would allow one to find an excuse for the write my essay urge which students tend to give in when they are asked to write an essay.

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