Key Differences between MLA 8th and 7th Edition – Guide

You are given an assignment in your college to write an essay. Your instructor asked to use MLA format, and while being at that, the new 8th edition. But you are stuck on how to use it in your essay and how it differs from the previous MLA 7th Edition. Just relax. Don’t panic. It’s a simple task. There are very minor changes in the MLA 8th edition. This blog will help you learn the key differences between MLA 7th and 8th editions. So, let's have a look at the differences or if you are confused, ask others to write my paper.

The Modern Language Association (MLA) made changes in their manual in 2016. Now they have provided the 8th version of MLA format. Changes have been made so that students can easily cite their sources and don't ignore a source because of its complicated structure. You just need to look into those changes and format your document accordingly. We use MLA format in humanities, languages, and arts. Changes show that there are 144 pages in the MLA 8th edition, while these are about 292 in MLA 7th edition. So, you can see that something has been reduced in MLA 8th edition.

One of the biggest differences that an essay writer can identify while comparing both the 7th and 8th editions of MLA format is the formatting of citations. The citation style of the MLA 8th edition differs from the MLA 7th edition. By comparison of both editions, you can see that the city of publication is omitted in the MLA 8th edition while it was necessary to add the city of publication in the MLA 7th edition. Similarly, you can also observe that the date when an article is accessed is also not required in the MLA 8th edition. Talking about URLs, you will see that URLs were not a part of MLA 7th edition, but these have been added in the 8th edition MLA manual.

Another key difference that you can see in the MLA 8th edition is that the abbreviation of the name of contributors was not a part of citations, but now these have been added in citation according to the MLA 8th edition. Punctuation has also been simplified in the latest MLA format. We do not require colons and parentheses in referencing sources. Another difference lies in the et al. rule, in MLA 7th you are required to write the full 3 other names but if you are using MLA 8th edition in your work, then you will have to omit the author's name if these are three or more. Then you will have to replace them by et al.

The usage of volume numbers and issue numbers have been omitted in the MLA 8th edition. Earlier in MLA 7th edition, the range of page numbers was to be quoted in the citation, but MLA 8th edition has revised the referencing structure by adding pp or p. to refer to page numbers. So, if you have added all these things in your formatting style for referencing, then you need to make corrections as per the latest MLA format, else you will end up losing your grades, try to consider these points and make changes accordingly in your work.

Although some of you will think that there are no major differences, if you don’t consider the key differences, then you will, unfortunately, end up losing your grades. If you are confused regarding the 8th edition of MLA for your assignment, then just go through the text. You will have a much better idea as to what you are required to do exactly. But if you think that you have written your essay in MLA 8th edition and have some doubts that you might have made some mistakes, then you need not to worry. You can seek help from essay writing service providers and experts out there. You can send them your work and they can review your document for you and make amends accordingly. This, in turn, will make your document error-free.

Hope so your confusion regarding both formats has been cleared up so far. If even now, you are unable to format your document according to the required MLA style, then you need to contact paper writing service providers that are available online and many firms and sites can help you format your document, this will solve your problems and help aid your grades and work as well. So just approach such an online service in case of difficulty, or if you are still confused.

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