Key Differences between a Memoir and an Autobiography

Memoirs and autobiographies are the two genres that are quite similar. In fact, many online businesses and catalogs put them in the same category for the sake of convenience. This, nevertheless, does not mean that they are essentially different words for the same kind of writing. There are some very important functions that both perform. Similarly, both are used for different reasons or you can ask others to write my essay.

The Reason for Confusion…

The observation that makes the two similar and blurs boundaries that could act as obvious differences is that both of these genres are used to describe certain aspects of a writer’s life. Both are usually written in the first person. This focus on the authors and their perspective is the only commonality between the autobiographies and memoirs.

But the similarities mostly end at this point. There are some very distinct features that separate the two.

Autobiographies are About Documenting a Life…

Autobiographies are written with the intention of documenting a writer’s life in its entirety. They are detailed accounts of the happenings that make each life a unique experience that has a lot to disclose and present. This is why many of these are written after a considerable part of an author’s life has been lived.

Memoirs have a different purpose altogether. They aim at describing certain events and experiences that have been faced by the author at some point in their lives. These experiences are the focal point of this kind of writing. The author does not have to narrate their life’s history. Rather they can talk about any theme that they have decided from various life experiences that they have had.

Autobiographies Follow a Chronological Order…

Autobiographies have to be chronologically ordered, moving from one stage of life to another. It is like putting every phase of life on display for the reader to become a part of these occurrences. As readers go through the piece, they can live the life that the essay writer has lived

Autobiographies focus on the historical context and orientation that has made the author who they are. This is to better explain the life events that have culminated in things being the way they are in the present. The author takes a trip down memory lane and retraces all the paths they have charted throughout the course of their life.

Memoirs are less concerned with the history and chronological order of someone’s life and more focused on how to narrate an experience or event as set by certain themes and subject matters that the writer has taken up for the sake of this work. The writer does not have to narrate everything as it happened, rather the purpose is to engage in a deep discussion and exploration of the subject matter as experienced by the person writing it.

Writers write memoirs to expound on their experiences of drug abuse, addiction, domestic abuse, mental illness, and countless other themes that they feel they need to tell the world about. Memories are stories of these valuable experiences.

Autobiographies and Fame…

Autobiographies are written by people who have fame attached to them. This is the reason that people have a level of curiosity about these mysterious people who seem so familiar and yet, nothing is known about the kind of lives that they have led. Fame and achievement are the factors that make autobiographies successful.

When it comes to memoirs, the writers don’t necessarily have to be famous enough to be recognized but they just need to have some unique experiences that the readers would want to know more about. If you believe you have gone through, encountered, faced, or observed some happenings that the world could be interested in, you can write a memoir around these themes.

The defining feature of an autobiography is a life whereas that of a memoir is an experience or a series of experiences all related to one subject matter.

Memoirs tend to be emotionally charged and passionate. They are largely subjective in nature. The author is not overly concerned with being politically correct or objective. On the other hand, autobiographies have an order, formality, and authentic documentation as to their core features.

It is not as if documentaries are not subjective, but they have to maintain authentic representations of events to assume some semblance of legitimacy. They lose the intensity of their impact if the emotional nature of their narratives twists the way they retell their life stories. Memoires have no such requisites.

Memoirs are narrowed down and informal as compared to autobiographies which are broader and formal in their writing style. This is the major difference from which all others originate when it comes to the question of how to write an autobiography so that formality and chronology become the foundations that hold it up. If you are still confused, get help from a write my paper service websites.

Why should You Know the Difference…

Even if you have to combine and treat these two different genres of writing into one single category, you should make sure that you remember the distinguishing features because they become very important in literary and academic settings where you have to know all there is to know about literature and writing.

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