Key Components of a Synthesis Essay – Guide

Synthesis essays are essays that are written to take a unique viewpoint about the topic, central idea, and/or theme. But such an essay always backs up its viewpoint with an effective combination of different sources. The writing process of synthesis essays is comparatively more critical than the writing process used to write other kinds of essays. The writing process used to write synthesis essays consists of four (4) main components that are;

  1. Synthesizing chosen sources
  2. Writing or creating the thesis statement or claim
  3. Formatting the essay as per guidelines
  4. Talking with the text of the essay to write a masterpiece

Synthesis essays are an interesting type of essay that requires a student to discover and present unknown relationships between subjects or terms. Good synthesis essays are the ones that discover hard to identify connections between subjects. Indeed, no one of us is basically and fully clear about an association between two (2) subjects and terms. Hence, they make efforts to discover the connections in order to clarify their thoughts. But the question is how one discovers such connections. They do it by investigating interesting facts and information on both subjects and their associations.

So, it can be said that synthesis essays are fusion and investigation or research.

You learned what synthesis essays are about and how they are composed! Perfect! How to let's proceed to learn key components of this kind of essay. Hence, this blog post lists analyzes and describes all major/key components that are covered while writing synthesis essays or you can ask others to write my essay.

1. Hypothesis

A hypothesis would be a major component of your essays. It is the statement of the declaration made with the intention of testing. That may be or may not be true. The hypothesis may be a strong statement that is based on key facts about both subjects of the essay. In simple words, the hypothesis could be a bold statement of fact.

Furthermore, professional writers say that hypothesis may be a condition that is fulfilled for a specific argument or claim. While the claim or argument will work to define whether that condition is true or false. Writing a good and strong hypothesis would assist you in giving a direction to the research you would take. Simply, a good hypothesis leads the essay writer towards their research and investigation.

2. Research and data collection

This component of your essay could be laborious and may need you to have minor travel at a time. But the main thing you should focus on is; you should be thorough in the research for your synthesis essay as well as in the data collection process. But remember, it is very crucial to use only accepted and approved methods of testing even if you are using secondary information for your analysis.

Learn by heart; you can openly use the information of any third party (secondary information) when writing your essay. Because using secondary information would assist you to strengthen your claim and argumentation. But make sure that each source used is properly cited. Otherwise, your essay may not be considered a good piece of work. If you are confused, get help from a paper writing service now.

3. Analysis

An analysis is also the main component of every kind of essay. The same applies when it comes to synthesis essays. An analysis is a stage where the writer gets to apply or implement their views and opinions on the subject of the essay. Hence, you do the same when writing your own essay. But make sure that you base your view and opinion on credible and relevant examples and evidence.

In the analysis section, make efforts in order to find out ways to develop links between different aspects of your subject. But do it based on your analysis and findings? After that, present ideas or concepts you find to your reader by writing your essay.

Remember; try to stay objective when writing your essay and only make arguments that are supported by examples (relevant) and evidence. You can always consult an essay writing service to analyze your research work.

4. Concepts behind associations/connections

Based on the nature of the topic, some ideas or concepts might be much philosophical while others may be less. Similarly, an idea may be more or less opinionated. Hence, fully understand each idea and use it accordingly. In such cases, it is very crucial to consider that readers cannot recognize or see things with their eyes. Hence, make efforts to communicate your views and thoughts with the help of your writings.

But the question is how you can do so! Do not worry, nothing is impossible. Just a bit challenging and critical. Means you can do it. All you need to focus on your analysis and research. As well as use relevant examples and references to make them familiar and to make concepts known and clear to your reader.

5. Final results/findings

It is the final paragraph or section of your essay. Briefly sum up all the main points of your essay. Also, conclude each one concerning your thesis and the whole essay. Otherwise, you may not find the perfection and accuracy of your essay. Professional writers say “do not only summarize but summarize your points in a way that tally for and against thesis statements and main arguments” . Hence, take care accordingly.

Moreover, be concise and avoid going into detailed descriptions of your points. At last, close/end your essay with a strong closing statement. You can also repeat your thesis if it has been proven true. But do it if needed, otherwise, finish up your essay with a “call to action” point.

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