Key Changes in Chicago 17th Edition - Learner's Guide

More than a century has passed, the Chicago manual of style has been in practice. It has passed the test of years and it is so widely used that it began to be called an editor's bible. It was mostly used for American styles of writing, but today its application has become rather universal.

Most of us have gone through the trouble of citing and referring to the sources we consulted for our write-up. Writing essays and research papers never felt that difficult, but adding citations and references took great pains.

Most of the time people think that the Chicago style is only used to cite sources. It is not only used as a guide for adding citations and bibliography but also used as a grammar checker and for preparing the manuscripts. Aside from documentation; it is also consulted by editors for publications. The Chicago Manual of Style contains detailed guidelines for proper use of grammatical tools, formatting of the text, and adding notes and bibliography in the text.

In the Chicago Manual of style, footnotes and bibliography are added to the text. The written text contains superscript numbers, like, 1, 2, 3… which guide the reader to the footnotes at the bottom of the page. Chicago Style of referencing has developed over time. The 17th edition contains several key changes that were made to the previous edition. For Instance, the use of "ibid" is not allowed in the 17th edition while it existed in the 16th one. Instead of ibid shortened citations would be used.

Another key change made in the 17th edition was regarding the journal citations. The new edition allows repeating the publication year if the date of publication also includes month and day. They changed to avoid any doubt while adding journal citations to the texts. The new edition also encourages the use of “n. d.” for such sources, whose publication year is not known.

Aside from the key changes mentioned above, the new edition also allows citing a source by its title if the author of the source is not mentioned. More space has been created to cite blog posts and blogs within the Chicago author-date format. A colon would be used in journal citations when citing the volume number. Colon would be used in case of journal citations when there is no issue number.

The 17th edition of Chicago Style also allows citing content from social media. Now the content from social media is allowed to be cited in author-date format. It not only allows an essay writer to cite social media content but online readers’ comments as well. In the 17th edition, short forms of URLs would be used and permalinks could also be cited.

This article mainly refers to the changes added in Chicago style for citations and references. So that once you have developed your skills and knowledge about adding citations and references, you can help others too. You can render your essay writing service and citation skills to your friends and acquaintances. This would not only enhance your knowledge but also add you in the good books of your friends.

One thing that tech-savvy users liked the most about the 17th edition is that they can now even cite content from a multimedia app. This also includes video games. Besides, maps, live performances, paintings, and sculptures are also allowed to cite. Along with some additional features added in the citation style, the new edition also contains guidelines to cite sources in an electronic format that does not have a fixed number of pages.

The citation style for the titles of websites has also been changed. If the website also has a printed equivalent, its name would be cited in italics otherwise it would not be italicized. For instance, the website title “New York Times” would be italicized in citations because it has a print newspaper as well.

Although this is not a complete list of key changes made in the 17th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style, it is a quick learner’s guide that mentions the significant changes made.

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