50 Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics to Get Started

Persuasive essays are the type of essays where the point of view or analysis of a writer is presented in the light of factual data, analytical argument, and previous studies. The writer uses his opinions and ideas to evoke emotions in the reader to persuade them to agree to his opinion. The structure of a persuasive essay normally consists of five paragraphs starting with an introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion. In order to persuade the reader, one needs to create an argument straightened by concrete facts and convincing evidence. Being a student when one is asked to write a persuasive essay, instead of asking others to write my paper for me, he/she should master the art by him/herself.

Here are the persuasive essay topics

  1. Health insurance is the right of all citizens
  2. Nuclear weapons fuel WW III
  3. The death penalty is inhuman
  4. Adoption has cons over the pros
  5. Climate change the biggest threat to the world
  6. Mobile phones should be banned in schools
  7. There should be a ban on nude beaches
  8. Drug abuse the cause of the mental disorder
  9. Women's rights are still denied in the 21st century
  10. School uniforms should be mandatory
  11. Proper sleep is important for health
  12. Education should be free
  13. Deforestation causes the greenhouse effect
  14. Drugs should be banned
  15. Fast food is bad for health
  16. Divorce impacts children negatively
  17. Violent video games are the cause of violence in children
  18. Guns should be allowed on campuses
  19. Mothers should take care of their babies instead of doing work
  20. Censorship is unjustifiable
  21. Security is more important than privacy
  22. Men should be allowed to have more than one wife
  23. Plastic surgery is an unhealthy idea
  24. Internet access should be free of cost
  25. Sex education should be taught in schools
  26. Domestic surveillance should be legal without a warrant
  27. Racial slurs should be illegal
  28. Technology is a blessing
  29. Social media addiction is worse than drug addiction
  30. Religious freedom should have limitations

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  1. Freedom of speech should be censored by the state
  2. Nuclear arsenal should be banned
  3. Facebook should not be allowed to collect data of users
  4. Replacement of human workers with automation is unethical
  5. Usage of cell phones during driving should be illegal
  6. The Internet has impacted society negatively
  7. Sports should not be segregated by gender
  8. Religious clubs should not be allowed on campuses
  9. Religion should not be taught in schools
  10. Assisted suicide should be legal
  11. People in prison should be allowed to vote
  12. Supreme court judges should be elected
  13. Sex work should be legalized
  14. Drug possession should be decriminalized
  15. Minimum wages should be increased
  16. Corporations should have a higher tax rate
  17. Books with objectionable content should be banned
  18. Love can last forever
  19. Rural life is better than urban life
  20. Money can buy everything

In a persuasive essay, the writer should have sound knowledge of the targeted audience. For example, the topic that is appealing to the teenager might not create the same effect on adults. First and second-person narration is generally used in persuasive writing. It appeals to the hearts of the reader by evoking emotions in them. A thesis statement in a persuasive essay tells the reader what the essay is about and explains the writer's position on the issue. The rest of the body paragraph is devoted to the effort of convincing the reader that you are right. Persuasion, indeed, is a tough task that requires the writer to champion the art. For that, persistent persuasive writing like essay writing service is a must that demands constant practice on part of the writer.

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