How to Effectively Conclude a Cause and Effect Essay?

Are you just restating the thesis statement in your conclusion? If yes.


Because a conclusion is not just about restating your thesis statement, it is much more than you think of it. The essay conclusion is one of the most important elements of an essay that needs greater attention while writing. The conclusion is the most essential part of grabbing and attracting the reader’s attention. It is known as the most recalled portion by the readers. A specific class of readers who do not find time to read the entire essay often grasp the idea of the entire essay by just reading its conclusion.

Several types of essays exist nowadays. These types involve a cause and effect essay, comparative essay, academic-related essay, persuasive essay, analytical essay, and an argumentative essay, etc. All these different types differ based on focus or emphasis maintained by the essay writer while writing or the way material is included, etc. But there is a similarity that is followed by almost all types of essays. This is the basic structure of the essay. Elements of this basic structure involve Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. These three elements form the basis of an essay. Where conclusion plays a vital role as it winds up the entire essay in a paragraph.

Cause and effect essays, as the name implies, focus on the causes and the effects which those causes entail with them. A cause and effect essay is mostly known as the most valuable and thought-provoking essay because of the way it organizes ideas and thoughts. But believe me, there is no rocket science behind writing such an essay, and while being at that, writing it in an effective manner. This type of essay is considered to be one of the easiest when it comes to writing. So students and fresh writers need not worry when they are asked to write such essays. If confused, you can always ask others to write my paper.

One basic technique of concluding a cause and effect essay is to write the conclusion part, keeping in mind that you write that entire essay in a single paragraph. By this, I mean that the conclusion should include a one or two-line introduction, which introduces the topic under discussion. Then include the thesis statement to let readers know about the work carried out in the entire essay. After that summarize all the basic arguments and ideas that you have presented in the essay. Also, support your arguments and ideas by including evidence in a single line or two if possible. Finally, conclude the essay by restating the focal points of the essay.

Writers mostly make mistakes while concluding cause and effect essays. This is because the conclusion is the last part of the essay and the writer tries to finish the essay without focusing on this major portion of the essay. Major mistakes involved are usually common mistakes. The best strategy for avoiding or omitting such mistakes is by getting it to proofread by someone. Not only proofreading, but fresh writers can also get help in writing or getting an idea from someone. This help can be obtained from the essay writing service, or your friend, or your sibling, or anyone. Anyone can proofread and provide you help with writing.

Fresh writers and students usually find it difficult when they are asked to write such essays. They hesitate while writing due to lack of experience, and thus most of the students are found approaching paper writing service providers to complete their assignments based on writing essays and literature work. This is for the time being relaxing for students, but does affect their writing skills and stops them from polishing their own skills. A first step is mandatory for every success. And here that initial step is to start writing but writing with great care no matter how much time it takes. The main focus should be kept on the quality, that is why the writer should not even write the concluding part of the essay by just repeating or paraphrasing the thesis statement. Rather, it should be written by highlighting the focal points and evidence presented by the essay writer in the essay, or by mentioning the fundamental ideas or evidence provided in the essay. Moreover, you can also relate your thesis statement with the ideas provided in the essay using research or evidence.

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