Format of an Engineering Lab Report

Engineers have to deal with complex problems on a regular basis. Engineering usually consists of different courses that are based on both theory and practical work. The theory is the basic knowledge of a particular subject that is taught in the classrooms whereas the practical implementation of the theory is performed in the lab. Students must maintain both these things in a synchronized manner as they both are evaluated individually. The theoretical portion of a subject is evaluated in the form of quizzes and written exams. On the other hand, the practical performance is evaluated based on projects and weekly practical reports. Writing high-quality practical reports is not an easy task at all. It requires a lot of time and efficiency to compose a perfect writing piece in this regard. The students nowadays are more interested in other activities rather than completing their tasks all the time. Students have to face a lot of trouble to maintain their performance in both the lab and theory at the same time. So, what should be done to avoid this? Well, there isn’t anything to worry about because whenever there is a problem there is a solution too.

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Format of the Report

There are many kinds of reports and each of them has a different format. The weekly lab document also has its format. Formatting is a key to make a document presentable and an important document like a lab report would need appropriate formatting. If you want to obtain the desired grades, then you should follow the right format while preparing your report. A typical report is usually composed of different sections.

The lab paper is composed of the following sections:

  • Title Page: First comes the title page which contains the details of the writer, the instructor, the title of the lab, and the institution.
  • Abstract: The abstract provides the reader with an overview of what is written in the report.
  • Introduction: This section briefly introduces the topic that was discussed in the lab
  • Methodology: This is the most important section of the report as it explains the procedure of the work that was done in the lab.
  • Results: The results obtained from the work are discussed in this section of the report.
  • Conclusion/Critical Analysis: The last section of the report is the conclusion section. It provides a broader overview of all the experiments that were performed in the lab. Moreover, it briefly analyzes the results of these experiments and describes the pros and cons of the conducted work.

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