An Example of a Book Report with Writing Tips for Beginners

Reports often become the only entities connecting books with readers and increasing a sense of familiarity and relevance among readers. Writing a book report is nothing short of responsibility because an essay writer needs to be aware of all the likely pitfalls that your report can face.

Know Where You Can Go Wrong…

To know what it is that you have to write, you have to be conscious of how not to write and which elements have to be included in the report without which it can fail to achieve that high level of quality.

Read Attentively and Ask Questions…

The first tip that anyone can ever give to you is to read through the book quite rigorously and systematically. Even before you start, you need to formulate some questions and the answers to which you have to extract from the text. This will give you an idea of the basic information that a book report must have. Or you can ask others to write my essay.

What to Ask…?

Ask yourself these questions before you start reading:

  • Who has written this book? What are some of the previous works that have been authored by the same person?
  • What has been the genre that this writer likes to write for? What have been the distinguishing features of some of the pieces that have been written by this individual?
  • Are you aware of a short biography of the author?
  • What is the name of the book, publication date, publishing company, and any other relevant information?
  • What is the historical/social/cultural context in which the work has been oriented?
  • How best can you describe the plot without giving the plot twists away and still getting the main idea conveyed?
  • What is the best way you would describe all the main characters in the book? The personality traits and conflicts that they go through are to become the lines that guide these descriptions.
  • Can you offer a unique analysis and critique of the work? Comment on the literary and aesthetic elements along with the plot and characters. Discuss any major issues that the writer has highlighted without presenting any moral judgments or controversial opinions?
  • Do you think you have done justice to the book without showing any kind of biases towards or against it?
  • Can you safely conclude the report by making recommendations for other readers? Have you written a report that can empower your reader to make an informed decision to buy this book or not? If you are still confused, get help from a write my paper service websites.

Non-Fiction Works and Reports…

If you are writing a report for a work of nonfiction, you will not have the plot to discuss. What you will have instead is some sort of organization. There will be a structure for the work that you can figure out and explain. Make sure you summarize a work of nonfiction in a cogent manner without seeming haphazard and all over the place.

Find the Goldilocks Zone…

If you take care of this one little detail, the rest of your report is going to be the same as that of a work of fiction. Keep the report precise, clean, and relevant. If you over-explain, you run the risk of making the reader develop an interest. The Goldilocks effect can be used to best describe the concept of writing a quality report. Just get everything to be the way it feels the best.

If you can answer all the above questions, it implies that you have not only made an effort to just read the book. Rather you have tried to be an active reader who has constantly asked questions and sought their answers from the piece.

This kind of active reading will come into play to the best of its advantage in the section where you need to give your analysis of the book. If you do not really know what it is that the author has been trying to say, you cannot even hope to write an analysis.

Some Points to Remember…

An analysis is more than a summary because it offers a personal take. Your challenge is to make this part of your report the most original piece of your writing. Don’t borrow from other reports and from the original author. Delineate all the reasons that you approve of, disapprove of or question certain parts of the book.

Although you do need to provide contextual information, don’t take that to mean that there is no contextual, temporal, or spatial detail that cannot be left out. If spatial, temporal, or contextual elements are not imperative for the reader to make sense of the plot, they are better left out. No one wants to know that the book has been written in three different eras if it does not affect the plot in any way.

The reason that a biography of the author and their previous works can be useful to you is that when you comment on the style that the writer has adopted, you can work around the distinctiveness of this particular style and genre. You can appreciate or discuss the nuances without making any sweeping statements that appear crude and shallow.

You yourself can be the best judge of what you have penned down. It could be perfect or it could need some more attention. You may know exactly what needs to be improved or you may not be aware of what it is that has been nagging at your mind whenever you read your book review because it’s not like you always instinctively know all that doesn’t quite fit.

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