Engrossing Topics for PhD-Level Thesis

The thesis is defined as an academic task that an individual is required to do either at the end of the program or degree because it is a final assessment. When it comes to Ph.D., thesis writing is a crucial phase of life because the stance of academic excellence is based on it. It is one of the most difficult parts of the academic career not because of the level and the experience but because of the academic weightage associated with Ph.D. as an academic platform. Whenever an individual is asked to do research either it is an independent one or based on partnership, the most important yet critical thing is the choice of topic. A number of times, it is suggested to look for a topic that is realistic and society based while others assert that the topic should be theoretical because social perspectives vary from time to time and people to people. In order to help you with your research paper topic, I am sharing about 70 topics that can help you earn good grades or you can ask others to write my paper.

  1. Firing an employee if he/she is tested positive for HIV or AIDS.
  2. The changes in international criminal law amid world war or terrorism.
  3. Flaws of copyright laws in the US and the rights of users.
  4. Immigration policy of the US not implementing in the education sector.
  5. War on terror changing the world's criminal laws.
  6. The deceiving of shopkeepers to customers by the “price ending” trick.
  7. Creative learning enhances student’s learning abilities at the university level.
  8. The state of happiness is enhanced due to natural exposure.
  9. Effectively selling product strategies.
  10. Effective designing of product influencing decisions of customer’s purchase.
  11. Craze of buying due to online shopping apps.
  12. Satisfaction programs enhancing customer loyalty.
  13. Social media influencing small businesses.
  14. Historical advancement in Bollywood.
  15. Cold war and the relations between the US and Britain.
  16. The US financial crisis 2007-2009.
  17. Open Web Agriculture enhancing methods.
  18. E-publishing affecting libraries.
  19. Genes and their role in inheritance.
  20. Casual attitude of society over passive smoking.
  21. Analyze how schools are affecting childhood obesity. A study based in the US.
  22. Factors affecting degeneration of the immune system with age.
  23. Overpopulation and its control.
  24. Analyze the advancement of nanotechnology in our lives.
  25. Alzheimer’s and its treatment.
  26. Analyze the toxicity of Nano-particles when they are inhaled.
  27. Nanotechnology assisting cancer treatment.
  28. Analyze the importance of IT in the field of bio-medicine.
  29. Importance of human diet plans in daily life.
  30. Analyze the importance of religious architecture in the British.
  31. Diabetes prevention and cure through exercise and lifestyle change.
  32. Preterm birth caused due to depression and stress.
  33. Factors causing burnout in nurses and its solution.
  34. Dieting and its influence on the quality of life.
  35. History of the architecture of Seattle.
  36. What is the future of clinical pharmacology in the US?
  37. How safe is the Chinese herbal practice in the US?
  38. How measurements of public health problems affect policy outcomes?
  39. Understanding adolescent sexual health in the US.
  40. What are the causes and treatment of pathology of the cervix? The most common cause of cancer in women.

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  1. How to manage huge amounts of biological data?
  2. How to design or manufacture drugs?
  3. How has the Human Genome Project been helpful to humanity?
  4. Bioinformatics and its importance in Biomedical Science.
  5. How can the activation of T-cells subsets be helpful in immune-deficiency diseases?
  6. Will there be an increase in the production of Nano-particles in the US as compared to other countries?
  7. Ethical and social issues related to nanotechnology.
  8. How psychology helps to understand people with anti-social behavior?
  9. How can a national DNA database be threatening to one’s privacy?
  10. Isotope ratio mass spectrometry and its use in forensic science.
  11. Analyze the causes of different genetic instabilities in neurological diseases.
  12. Is the treatment of patients with memory loss possible?
  13. What are the risk factors for developing a COVID-19 vaccine?
  14. Molecular biological research of genetic disorders and its role in treating cancers and other diseases.
  15. Do humans transfer genetic abnormalities to their children?
  16. Is space exploration really necessary?
  17. Is there any life on Mars or other planets? Is there any reality about aliens?
  18. How the “Big Bang Theory” can be explained?
  19. Why is Pluto not considered a planet now?
  20. How commercial space flights can change the future?
  21. Importance of black holes.
  22. What happens to the earth if there is no photosynthesis?
  23. What are the challenges for developing environmentally-friendly plastics?
  24. How can we minimize the use of plastics in daily life?
  25. What can we do to save endangered animals?
  26. How is the greenhouse effect helpful to the environment?
  27. What is the importance of recycling waste materials?
  28. How can we prevent weeds?
  29. What is the role of organic farming?
  30. How can we come up with the issue of antibiotic resistance?

You can either choose all the thesis topics as it is or you can mold them specifying your dimension of research. It will not only help you earn good grades but these topics will be one of the most informative insights into the social sciences and other fields that can improve the approach of people towards society. One of the important points to note is to look for the project dimension and the related department. In case you need any further help, consult an essay writing service now. Just specify your requirements and ask them to write my essay at affordable rates.

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