Easy Steps to Sketch a Case Study – Guide

Steps to Sketch a Case Study

A case study is intending to inform the reader about an issue or a problem faced by the person how it evolved, background investigation, and explanation of the given solution. A case study also penned for the purpose to invigorate readers to analyze and think of his or her solution regarding the problem. The goal of the writer’s research is to provide the reader with the same experiences as his or her own.

Beforehand writing, there must be some steps to keep in mind. These steps will produce content for the case study or you can ask others to write my essay. Those are;

  • Pick out the issue or a problem to write
  • Collect authentic information beforehand and have a detailed interview with the client
  • Analysis of the components of the situation
  • Ascertain the implemented procedures to get the solution
  • Investigate whether the solution worked or not
  • Present the case study for research

There are a variety of ways for writing a case study, like a description of events, explorative, collective information comparisons, and critical studies which examine the causes and effects of a particular subject.

Describe the Problem

First of all, a clear description of the situation for a better understanding of the reader is a crucial step. Explain the situation explicitly to set the tone for the reader to know about the problem which will be discussed in the case study. Add quotes and questions for setting the expectations for readers to focus on the particular area of the problem and come up with his or her solution for the implemented situation.

Background Information

It is essential to gather all the background information about the given situation. The best way to collect complete information is to have a detailed interview with the client. It is necessary to discover and disclose the area of the problem which needs a solution. There must be factual figures from authoritative sources mentioned in this part. Anecdotal information, graphs, maps, charts, audio files, pictures, videos, and anything else that defines the problem can be mentioned here. This will give a hint to the reader and like a mystery, encourages him or her to find the solution for the problem.

The information can be gathered from the library, internet, magazines, websites, newspapers, previous case studies researches published on the same subject, and other useful sources.

Writing Case

Every researcher must have wondered how to write a case study since it is an essential part of a research paper. To write an effective case study all you need to do is to write a case by analyzing all the data collected by research and interviewing processes. Mention all the important information which is necessary for the understanding of the case study. It should describe thoroughly how a problem became a problem? What solution should I implement so the problem goes away?

Don’t stress about finding a solution, offer possible solutions. It will leave a reader with all information about the situation and motivate them to find a solution and have their perspective according to their understanding.

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Tell a Story

The whole point of writing a case study is telling a story of the problem that has been fixed or probably not. The main agenda is to find evidence for the problem and the solution. Write, re-write, edit, and proofread it unless you are satisfied with the outcome. Writing patterns guide the reader about the analysis of the problem and possible solutions. It can serve in both educational and entertaining ways.

A good case study is not written for the purpose to tell a reader “what to think.” It guides the reader for the thought process in reaching a conclusion. Readers may come to the conclusion and find defects in the logic that has been presented, that's fine because more than one solution may be present for the problem. Everyone looks at the matter with their different perspectives.

Describing Solution

Discuss the thought processes and the solution implemented about the problem. And also the argument that the solution was useful or not, it worked or not, productive or unproductive. The author can use personal opinions and theory here, although facts are involved subjective thinking can be used as well.

Response for Solution

If the solution is there for a long period it is a better opportunity to collect and reveal the facts and impacts which exist. Assess the response of the solution already implemented for the problem. Evaluate and mention the responses like how well the solution worked or still working, and what are the areas that still need working on them.


While progressing work may morph into something one did not expect before starting it. There is no need to worry, editing is the option that is always present after conducting an interview. The collected information must be edited because it was in the form of raw data. Deletions and additions can easily incorporate into the process. Thoroughly read all the mentioned information and data if something impertinent, omit, or change it. Every point and data should fit into its place and also in the entirety of work. Remember, you can always consult an essay writing service to edit your assignments.


Have someone else proofread the work? It is important because they may point out some error or any content which is confusing or left open-ended which may be oblivious to the eyes of the essay writer. So, it is a great idea to ask someone for proofreading and point out the mistakes which can be fixed. It also helps in a better understanding of the point of view of the audience for case studies.

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