Compare and Contrast Essay on Traditional and Online Shopping

The use of technology has taken the world to a new level. Every developing and under-developing country is to adopt new technologies for the advancement and growth of their country. Technology has significantly impacted almost every trait or aspect of our life because it has become deep-rooted and made its way into our day to day survival. Most of the avenues are raised to the online level such as online education, online learning, online shopping, etc., and this is possible only with the use of technology and the internet. Not only this, but everything in the world is moved by technology and the internet towards making things easy and simple for humans. Like the use of the internet and technology has made things easy for people, for example, a student sitting in his room, without any hassle, can access a professional essay writer and make a ‘ write my essay for me’ request.

The trend of online shopping is seen increasing day by day. Technology has made shopping easier for people by providing its access available at one's hand that is through the use of the internet. Most people find benefits in online shopping. However, several others enjoy traditional shopping as compared to online shopping. This compare and contrast essay highlights the benefits and challenges associated with both online and traditional shopping. Likewise, there are merits and demerits associated with everything, but in the case of shopping, it depends. If the person enjoys shopping he/she can go for a traditional one, while others who do not find pleasure in shopping can go for online shopping.

The first benefit of online shopping is that it is convenient. In online shopping, the buyer can easily focus on buying a material as there are no distractions like other buyers, etc. However, in traditional shopping, you have to bear all other people who are there for shopping as well and deal with them, such as to check for the material of your choice. Sometimes because of limited articles, you have to convince the other buyer to let you buy that last piece of the shirt which is really frustrating. Secondly, in online shopping, an individual needs not to wait for his/her turn or is not requested to wait in a queue to pay for the shopping material. While in traditional shopping, waiting is very common. You have to wait for minutes and sometimes hours to get your turn, especially at shops offering sales. Another benefit of online shopping over traditional shopping is that you have to drive for hours and suffer exhausting traffic to get to the traditional shop, whereas, in the case of online shopping, merely with a single mouse flip you will get to the shop of your choice. For example, you were going out to buy your favorite shoes but your instructor asked you to write an essay urgently. At this moment, you can not ask someone by saying, “ write my paper” - but at the same time you don’t want to miss out on those shoes you have been eyeing on. Hence, in such cases, online shopping is the best service to avail. Oftentimes, females do not find material of their choice and would want to check at least two to three shops, thus making the traditional shopping exceedingly hectic and time-consuming.

However, they can easily move to other shops with just a single mouse click in online shopping. In all these cases online shopping is preferred over traditional shopping.

However, some people find fun in traditional shopping and prefer it over online shopping. Traditional shopping is beneficial for those who prefer to bargain with the shopkeeper, for it is not possible to bargain in online shopping and you have to pay full price for the product you are buying. Moreover, another benefit of traditional shopping is that you check the material yourself and then buy it, while in online shopping most of the complaints received are related to not receiving the stuff or material they chose. It is only after personally checking the material or its quality that you buy it and then pay for it. On the contrary, nothing can be done in online shopping if poor quality stuff is received as you have already paid for it.

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