Best Argumentative Essay Topics on Sports – 2021

The argumentative essay is a kind of essay that includes investigating an issue or a topic, collection, generation, and evaluation of evidence. In an argumentative essay, the writer sets up a position on the issue in an incisive manner. It involves research and debate, establishing a position on a specific controversial issue, and supporting the position with different evidence pieces. These essays help one develop their persuasive skills significantly. In these types of essays, the writer tries to bend the support of readers towards his opinions.

The best argumentative essay topics on sports for 2021 are informative and important for the students. Many writers find it difficult to choose a good topic for an argumentative essay. The topic should be interesting enough for the essay writer not to bore or exhaust him while outlining and researching it. The topic of an argumentative essay must be controversial to an extent and invite debate. The writer should always select such a topic on which an arguable thesis statement can be generated. It is important to believe in the topic you select to convince the public and get their support.

If someone asks to write my essay for me, your topic selection will explain how relevant it is with the time and scenario. The list of the best argumentative essay topics on sports for 2021 is as follows:

  1. Should athletes be allowed to take steroids?
  2. Should the name of the soccer team be based on their region?
  3. Should soccer be made compulsory in college?
  4. Should colleges and universities hire professional coaches?
  5. Should the rules of basketball be revised in hiring players?
  6. Which soccer team is successful globally?
  7. Why is soccer popular globally?
  8. Diving or running: which is more efficient?
  9. Why should football not be played at an early age?
  10. Is football more famous than soccer?
  11. Is there any difference between command and control?
  12. How the college athletes are shaping social consciousness?
  13. Should the rules of football be changed to reduce injuries?
  14. Who is the most controversial player in the history of sports?
  15. Should mind sports be recognized as actual sports?
  16. Can a good athlete become a good coach?
  17. Can the first move in chess change the whole game?
  18. Should athletes work with coaches of the opposite gender?
  19. How should coaches care more about the health of the athletes?
  20. Do you agree that the media plays a significant role in representing gender equality in sports?
  21. Should male and female be divided in the sports?
  22. Can a girl play in a boys’ team if there is no girls’ team in that college?
  23. Do women need more training as compared to men in sports?
  24. Should there be gender discrimination in sports?
  25. Is there discrimination against the LGBT community in mainstream sports?
  26. Is it fair to consider depression and anxiety as injuries in sports?
  27. How can injuries be prevented in sports?
  28. Can the risk of trauma be reduced in athletes?
  29. Can physical health improve the psychological well-being of athletes?
  30. Can chronic disease be avoided by exercise?
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  32. Does sport impact the general public?
  33. Should sport cause injuries to be banned?
  34. Should performance-enhancing drugs be banned in sports?
  35. Should boxing be banned?
  36. Should new games being introduced in sports?
  37. Should sport get support from the politicians?

These are the best argumentative essays on sports for 2021. If I were to write my paper on sports,

I would consider writing one on any of the topics mentioned above.

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