An unlimited guide to using key debating techniques

People who are great with conversations always steal the show. The culture of debate is vital for a peaceful society, it prevails the practice of exchanging thoughts which consequently opens up the minds. The idea of democracy is based on debating culture.

There are so many different formats of debates but the competitive debate originated from Great Britain, from its universities and schools. There they would make the students and staff argue about a resolution at different gatherings. This ultimately took the form of proper competition in extracurricular activities. This culture matured with time and evolved a huge number of debating techniques.

Debating is a god-gifted skill but that’s not the absolute truth, you can actually acquire and master this skill with practice and proper guidelines. Here we have a range of debating techniques that will surely make you an extraordinary debater by the end of this article or you can ask others to write my paper.

Understand the resolution

It is very important to know exactly what is going to be discussed. Merely giving a bird’s eye view to the topic may lead your entire preparation and thus conversation totally off the point. So it is very important to understand your topic very well.


The first and foremost point is to have a strong knowledge base. You must understand your resolution properly and do very extensive research about it. You have to be very well prepared for your wrangle, merely engaging them in conversation or trying to lead astray is not going to work. It will rather expose you to giving off-handed remarks. So you must have a great length of knowledge about your topic.

Always know where to pick up from

Debate is a way to strengthen your point of view because you have an opportunity to have it opposed and see what could be its possible opposite idea. it is actually an exchange of ideas. So from the counterargument, you must be able to pick up the opponent's idea and agree to disagree. Agree with them and trap them in the counter questioning of his argument.

Dress properly

In debating half of the judgment is about your outlook that includes your body language and your dressing. Always dress up very appropriately either in formals or semi-formals. Neat and clean clothing, decently made hair, nice shoes, and your notebook will make your personality presentable to judges and opponents.

Engage all the judges

Engage the judges by hand gestures, eye contact, and addressing each one of them. Don’t focus on only one person in the panel. Keep it interactive so they enjoy your presence along with judging your argument only.

Think quickly

Debating is a test of nerves. While the opponent is trying to contest you hard with such a reason which might not have been a part of your preparation and expectations, that is the time when you have to think very fast and compose all your thoughts and knowledge to come up with a counter-argument. You should be able to think quickly without rambling thoughts.

Pressure of crowd

If the crowd tries to pressurize you, either in applause or hooting, tackle it with very strong body language until they calm down a little and that is the point to throw your punch line. Absorb that pressure and take that time to think how you are going to respond to it once they calm down.

Style of Delivery

With all the preparations and knowledge base, debating is nothing without one thing, that is the style of delivery. You may have a very strong argument but if your style of delivery is weak it can crash down the entire argument and make it equals to zero. You must practice your speech delivery a lot.

Complete the argument

Always have a structured argument. An argument has three parts. So whenever you start an argument, make sure you conclude it by completing all three parts.

Speak loud and clear

Even in day-to-day life, if you mumble and don’t speak clearly, people will soon lose interest in listening to you. When you are competing to win an argument and the judges have to struggle to understand your words they are going to get irritated. This makes the impact of your argument null. To deliver every word very clearly and keep the pitch of your voice higher.

Confidence is the key

To be a better debater is to be confident. Of all the debating techniques confidence and the way you carry yourself throughout the debate is the key to success. At any point, if you are found shattering it can be a big putt off and can have a great negative impact on the judges.

Always respond to your opponent’s argument

Always respond to your opponent’s argument, if you don’t respond to it, it makes his argument stand true. Take notes of even the smallest point and counter each one of them. You may agree with him on that point but even then you must respond, if you don’t respond to it, he wins the debate. For example, if he says water is blue, you must prove that it is not the case.

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Appreciate and agree at times

Another debating technique is to appreciate your opponent’s view at times. This may confuse your opponent, who is fully in an opposing state of mind, about how to respond. This can also put a positive impact on the judges about the strength and confidence you carry.

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