44+ Creative Debate Writing Topics to Impress Your Audience

Debating is not easy! I am not saying this to scare you! No, the opposite, actually. I am saying this to prepare you. For the troubles to come, that is.

You see, for your debate to be a good one, you will have to consider a lot of factors.

The first of these factors is the selection of the topic. And this might be the hardest thing that you will have to do.

Because you can’t have a good debate without an impressive topic. I mean, you can try your best but how far can you take a boring topic anyway?

The topic is the foundation of your debate so you need to be very, very, careful in picking yours. Don’t just randomly pick a topic and then try to write a good debate.

And to solve this dilemma of yours, I have come up with a list of topics. These debate topics are all spicy enough to start a raging and passionate discussion

So, go check them out and pick your topic or you can ask others to write my paper.

  1. No one should be stopped from owning a gun.
  2. Capital punishment should never be abolished.
  3. Genetic modification should be legalized in humans.
  4. Human cloning should be considered as an option to prolong life.
  5. Rehabilitation centers for drug addicts should be abolished.
  6. There should be a ban on animal testing.
  7. Juveniles should not be treated as adults in prisons.
  8. There is no threat greater than climate change.
  9. There should be a ban on video games, especially those that are violent in nature.
  10. The minimum wage should be increased.
  11. Universal Basic Income should be provided to all people.
  12. Sex work should be considered normal work and should hence be legalized.
  13. The United States should adopt the policy of isolationism.
  14. Nation public service should be mandatory for every citizen.
  15. There is no need for homework.
  16. All schools should allocate an area for religious worship.
  17. Social networks should be banned from school computers.
  18. Uniforms should not be mandatory.
  19. There is no need for standardized testing.
  20. Schools should get their students internships or after-school jobs.
  21. There is no point in a summer break. Schools should be open all around the year.
  22. Drug tests should be mandatory even for high school athletes.
  23. Detention should be replaced with a more engaging solution.
  24. Student debt should be free of interest.
  25. Homeschooling has far more benefits than the traditional schooling method.
  26. Police personnel should be removed from high schools.
  27. Public schools should be replaced by private schools.
  28. Boarding schools should become the new norm.
  29. Sex education should be a compulsory class at schools.
  30. Tuition at public schools should be free of charge.
  31. Teaching posts should be tenured.
  32. Improve net is human communication is due to the use of social media.
  33. A.I. is not a threat to humanity.
  34. The colonization of Mars should be explored.
  35. It is the responsibility of the government to invest in alternative energy.
  36. The use of the cell phone should be limited due to the harmful radiation it emits.
  37. Vegetarianism should be made mandatory.
  38. Vaccines should be made mandatory.
  39. Smoking should be banned.
  40. Universal healthcare should be legalized.
  41. Vaping should never be legal.
  42. The legal age of drinking should be reduced to 18.
  43. The age for casting a vote should be 21.
  44. Churches should pay taxes.
  45. The British Monarchy has no purpose and hence the institution should be abolished.

There you have it! 44+ topics that will blow your mind and, hopefully, the minds of your audience too.

But, there are a few things that should be noted before you start your writing! In case you need any further help, consult an essay writing service now.

Point #1… The Controversy

Notice how many of these topics are rather controversial. Most people won’t even agree with some of them.

This is intentional because this is the entire point of the debate itself.

You need to be the one who convinces your audience. The harder the topic is, the more impactful your persuasion will be.

Point #2… Common Problems

The list includes topics that can be considered common. We have capital punishment, gun control laws, universal healthcare, etc.

These topics are selected because they are ones that matter to most of the audience.

These topics relate to the problems they face in their lives. This makes these topics meaningful to them so they will be interested in what you have to say.

Point #3… Educational Topics

I have selected many topics that relate to the field of education. These topics are for the students who come to these blogs for help.

If you are a student then know this. An educational topic will impress your professor.

They will naturally be more interested to read about what a student has to say.

But, they will also have strong opinions on the topic so be careful what you write and how you write it.

Want Some Help with Writing?

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