10 important academic writing conventions to learn about before you write your paper

You may have read different scholarly or academic articles during your academic tenure. Such articles require immense expertise and years of experience in the respective field. No doubt that scholars and professors around the world prefer to opt for such an article for the collection of secondary data for a new research paper. Their authenticity, eloquence, and ability to present thorough knowledge distinguish them from other material available like magazine articles.

If you want to write such papers you can only write them in college final year or during your master's program at a university. The specific word for rules applied in scholarly articles is writing conventions that authenticate the validity of the information. It is also true that no one can become great policymakers like Henry Kissinger overnight.

It needs a lot of practice, systematic knowledge, and years of experience. In this article, I will write some simple rules. By following these you can write an exceptional paper. Just do not get confused with the words academic conventions are merely rules to follow or you can call them rules to follow while writing a paper or you can ask others to write my paper.

Academic writing conventions

Avoid colloquial language

You should remain objective and to the point while writing a paper. Try to distance yourself from the subject matter by not using colloquial language. The reader would not have a better idea of the writing if you use contractions in your paper. The first and second-person pronouns are extremely discouraged in academic writings. Your writing should always be in their person so that readers can have a clear idea.

Omit contractions

Sometimes using contractions is important in your essay but it is not encouraged in the academic convention. Do not use any contraction and always write the full word. For example instead of writing don't, write complete two separate words ‘do not.’ Sometimes the use of contractions gives different meanings so it is better to eliminate it.

Use active voice

Scholars do not prefer the use of passive voice as it does not give a positive impression to the reader. There are some exceptions in which you can use passive voice. An active voice creates clarity in your writing and presents ideas coherently.

Emotive language

Remember that emotive or emotional language is not a part of your academic conventions. You just need to persuade your audience with facts, figures, diagrams, and statistics. It is just like avoiding colloquial language. Your language should not be subjective, you can avoid emotive language by using an objective writing style.

These words are considered emotive if you are using them then try to avoid them: wonderful, dire, magnificent, horrible, disgusting, and disgraceful. These words portray emotions and should not be present in your paper because they would portray a negative image of your topic. Using an emotive sentence is not wrong altogether but it should be made objectively. If you are confused, simply consult a write my essay service now.

Page numbering

You can easily navigate through different pages by using page numbering. It is very important for your reader and professor as they should know the sequence of topics mentioned in your paper. It is only possible by making a table of content at the start of your paper. If you need to write an assignment within given pages it would also help you to conclude it within the given limit.

Headings and subheadings

Your ideas mustn't be scattered throughout the paper. You can avoid it by using headings and subheadings. In this way, you can discuss an idea comprehensively without missing any details. If you have used headings you can also mention them on the content page by specifying the page number.

Use of prepositions

Though it is not an established rule, scholars prefer not to end a sentence with a preposition. But sometimes ending a sentence with a preposition can be incorrect and it does not leave a good impression on the reader. From your perspective, it may be correct but you are not writing from your perspective.

Use of infinitives

Many scholars think that it is not good to use infinitives in your paper. An infinitive is the basic form of the verb i.e. let him see. Splitting the infinitive also violates the rule of grammar but their use in a sentence is correct grammatically. Sometimes writing a good paper can be overwhelming. You can avoid such a situation by getting help from a professional essay writer. Such professional writers work in many academic essay writing services. If you ever feel busy you can hire them for writing your paper altogether.


It is a very important part of your academic convention because it creates authenticity in your article. It creates a connection between your paper and papers written by other scholars. For good referencing, there are some specific citation styles which you may have learned in your research methodology subject.

Each type depends on your academic discipline i.e. a psychology student would prefer to pick a citation style of the American Psychology Association. The same goes for other academic disciplines like a medical student would pick, American Medical Association style. Your every source should be authentic and relevant so that your professor can check it if he wants to.

Proofread carefully

It is a very important part of your paper. You can avoid any mistake by reviving your document once. While typing or writing your paper you may miss some vital points; you can avoid all of them at once. The use of correct homonyms is important you might miss it while typing but you can avoid it altogether by reviewing it once i.e. led vs. lead. Lastly, you can always consult a paper writing service to proofread the document for you.

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